No More Pity Parties – Wellness Drainers Series

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Earlier in the week I shared with you my struggle with feeling sorry for myself, essentially wallowing in a pity party I throw myself. It’s a weak moment of ingratitude when the enemy attempts to drag me down and make me forget all my blessings. I still struggle with this depressive tendency, but I’ve learned how to combat it with […]

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Eliminating Wellness Drainers Series – Pity Parties

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Have you had a pity party lately? There’s nothing like sinking down into a good ‘ole pity party. For me, it showcases those problems that I just can’t seem to escape. It ushers me into my turtle shell of aloneness and gets me by myself so those pesky problems can’t be minimized. It actually draws attention to my problems and […]

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Fighting My Health Battle

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Well, I’m back!! With the exception of a few posts here and there, I’ve been taking a little vacation from the blog. It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but something I had to do. Making time to fin some balance and regroup is crucial. You may not know this but for the past few years even as I’ve been […]

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