The Plea of a Weary Mom

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Just a few short weeks ago we celebrated Mother’s Day. I don’t know how you and your family celebrate, but my family typically showers me with lots of notes or love and appreciation, handmade treasures, and gifts. After worshiping at church, my family cooks a delicious lunch and then they wait on me hand and foot. I am very blessed […]

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Encouragement for Warrior Women

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This is a long read, but please hang in there. These are thoughts and encouragement I just had to get out there ASAP: Women everywhere are offended and discouraged by the results of the election. Believe me, I completely understand. I am not a Trump supporter. He can be offensive, not just to women. No one wants filthy language hurled at […]

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Why Are Women Their Own Prince Charmings?

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Nowadays, everywhere I turn I find a woman who is worn and weary, burned out beyond anything they can possibly bear. We are trying to be everything to everybody and it is just IMPOSSIBLE. Many women these days feel as if they are being thrown to the wolves into this treacherous and despicable world. In many ways that is true, […]

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