Encouragement for Women Warriors

This is a long read, but please hang in there. These are thoughts and enouragement I just had to get out there ASAP:

Women everywhere are offended and discouraged by the results of the election. Believe me, I completely understand. I am not a Trump supporter. He can be offensive, not just to women. No one wants filthy language hurled at them. No one wants to be demeaned and degraded into a piece of meat. No one wants to be treated like they are inferior. No one wants to be treated like their feelings and beliefs don’t mean anything. No one wants to be treated like they are worthless.  No one wants someone trying to usurp their power, trying to conquer them. No one wants to be treated like a trained dog. No one wants to be given a disrespectful nickname. No one wants to be patronized. No one wants the important issues in their life to be treated with a double standard. No one wants to be ignored. No one wants to be regarded as nonexistent. Am I right, ladies? You bet I’m right.

I mean, women are worth more than this. Women are supposed to be worth more than rubies according to the Bible. Women are strong warriors. We are survivors. We take responsibility for our actions. We “man up” (no pun intended). We are the glue that holds everything together, right? We are hard workers. We give more than 100% and we selflessly sacrifice our desires for others. We believe we deserve equality.

So how many of us are willing to admit that we have ogled a muscular guy? How many women are willing to admit they have treated a male like an object of our desires? How many of us have treated the men in their lives like buffoons? How many of us have disregarded the desires and wants of the men in our life, batting our eyes, stomping our feet, slamming a door to get our way, or shed a tear or lowered our neckline to get out of a ticket? How many of us have nagged and complained about what our husband doesn’t do without ever acknowledging what he does do?

How many of us demand that “me time”, forcing our husbands to work all day long and then come home and take care of the kids, fix the broken appliances, clean the dirty house, pretty much take care of everything, because we feel like we are “entitled” to all of that treatment all because we stayed home for eight hours alone watching the children that God gave us? Think about it…Your huband has just worked hard for at least 8 hours, if not more. He comes home and jumps right into rescuing you from your responsibilities. Then He takes on more responsibilities after that. While you get a break for hours, for some women multiple times a week or even repeatedly for weekends. I know many husbands who don’t get a break at all or may get an hour here and there per week, but that is it. I’m not saying husbands don’t need to get involved and help, but it shouldn’t be one-sided. You want equality, then start giving it!

How many of us have made the statement, “I trained him well” or the like, meaning we have our man trained like a dog? How many of us have taken the leadership role away from our man because we think we can do it better? How many of us refer to our husbands with disrespectful nicknames instead of respecting and revering him as the husband and man that he is? How many of us have manipulated our man with the silent treatment? How many of us demand our way on a regular basis disregarding what is best for our man? How many of us are willing to admit that we feel and treat men like we are the superior to them?

Well, respectable, honest, warrior, equal women that say we all are, how many of us have “manned up” and answered “yes” to any or all of these questions? How many of us are willing to admit we have treated men, children, and society in this demeaning, disrespectful manner? How many of us are actually woman enough to admit we hold a double standard?

When it really gets down to it women are supposed to be crusaders, but who are we really championing for? What is our motivation? I’d like to believe that we are striving for equality for all people no matter their age, race, size, or gender. But, for most of us that is not the case. Think about it… If some woman treated our sons, brothers, nephews and grandsons this way we would claw their eyes out.

Yet, we are okay with using our feminine wiles flaunting them to get what we want. Then we say it’s wrong for men to be attracted to us. These disgusting women who walk around flaunting their body parts and actually wearing images of them on their heads…they just don’t get it. What they are championing for is the right to be vulgar and disgusting, yet when a dirty old man treats them with vulgarity then they cry victim. NEITHER behavior is acceptable. We are okay with listening to or using foul language but then we fault a man for doing the same thing.

Unfortunately, feminism has taken a nasty turn so much so that many of us don’t even want to be associated with the movement any more. Where are the women championing for the real victims? Women and children victimized by sex trafficking, rape, and abuse? I’m sorry but your idea of victim is a lot differnt than mine these days. A victim is an innocent person who has been abused or compromised in some way. A victim is not a woman who gets paid $2 less per hour than her male counterpart. A victim isn’t a woman who is being told to keep her sex life private and stop subjecting us to it and making us take responsibility for it. Those of us who are being exposed to the vulgarity–we are the victims. Our children are the victims.

God created us to be selfless, and the women who championed the feminist movement when it first began were selfless. They didn’t want to give up their responsibilities for more power. They didn’t want to do less. They wanted to take on more. They longed to be appreciated and regarded as equal not superior. They still wanted to fulfill their God-given duties. They still wanted men to treat them with kindness, respect, and chivalry, because they truly loved and respected men. They understood that God created men and women differently. Men have shortcomings that women complement with their strengths. Men have strengths that complement the shortcomings of women.

Those powerful women were willing to die for their children, and they took responsibility for the consequences of their actions. They didn’t look for an easy way out. Oh, I’m sure there were some selfish women in the bunch but by and large there were respectable women who were warriors for everyone, not just themselves.

Of course, we still have a connection to a woman of old: Eve. Eve didn’t want equality with Adam. She wanted equality with God. She wanted to be able to play God. She wanted to be like God. That isn’t equality. That is power-hungry selfishness. And that is the platform of the feminist movement today. Those of us who haven’t learned anything from Eve’s destructive hunger for power–we are inferior because we have learned nothing!

There is truly a double standard because if we are open minded and honest as we ask the world all around us to be, then we have to admit that we have committed those same sins in my earlier questions, and those are the same sins we are accusing of Donald Trump.

We have taken it upon ourselves to decide whether or not a child lives or dies. We have taken God’s blessing of healing away from us by making decisions to take a life rather than have the faith to believe God will perform a miracle. We have justified sin rather than taking responsibility for it. We have held men to one standard and manipulated our way into a double standard.

We have decided to take on the role of leadership causing our husbands to feel they have no worth, treating them as if they have no purpose to the point that they just sit around like couch potatoes. Then we complain about how lazy they are. What else do we expect them to do? We have only ourselves to thank for creating that monster. It’s time to take responsibility for it. We won’t let men do any of the things God has called them to do. We can do everything they can do, but better anyway, right? (I HATE THAT OBNOXIOUS SONG!) We have beaten them down, taken away their warrior status, chewed them up and spit them out while we use a double standard to whine and belly ache about the fact that they don’t do anything.

Speaking of whining, how does whining, kicking, and screaming exhibit power? It doesn’t. It’s like a two-year-old who doesn’t get that candy at the store. Why are we whining and crying, tearing our clothes, burning the flag, and basically having a temper tantrum over the election results? I thought we women wanted the world to hear us ROAR. Lately it sounds more like “I am woman; hear me whine”. We are not even outraged about anything but what affects us directly, things that really don’t have an eternal consequence. We are outraged that we don’t make as much as a man. Where is that going to get us in this life? There is always going to be someone who makes more than us or is better than us. This is a power struggle that human nature can NEVER win. So we have made that our life’s mission fighting against the natural order of things. It’s like trying to defy gravity…

Why not fight a battle we can actually win. Champion for those who don’t have a voice? Why not crusade for the unborn women who are killed each and every day? Why not crusade for the women who are being taught to risk their eternal souls for their own comfort and convenience? Why not teach women that they are worth more than a pile of dirty dollar bills, life without purpose, and stressful selfish ambition?

Do we not understand that eternity in hell is a lot worse than any lack of comfort here on this earth? I would much rather be unhappy and not get everything I want here on earth than spend an eternity separated from God because I made choices that sent my soul to hell. And believe me, I’ve sinned plenty in my life, but by God’s grade He has delivered me and forgiven me more times than I deserve.

So, here’s a tribute to Christian women who exhibit Biblical womanhood. They are the ones who crusade and protect every single soul not just their own personal agenda. They are the ones who are the hands and feet of Jesus. They are the ones who give up all of the comforts and luxuries of this blessed country to travel halfway around the world, risking their lives to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and save lost souls, carrying water and supplies and hugs to children and letting them know they are valued not thrown out like yesterday’s garbage. They are the ones who endure parasites, diseases, persecution.

They teach their children academically, spiritually, physically. They don’t shirk their responsibilities as wives, mothers, and daughters. They don’t expect someone else to do it all while they have their me time, rights and freedoms. They don’t feel entitled to have their way. Instead they sacrifice their desires putting others first. They live a life of gratitude acknowledging and counting each and every blessing they have. They spread their joy instead of division.

In return God blesses them beyond any higher paycheck, any life without responsibility, any earthly desire this old world holds. When they slip and fall or make a mistake, they humbly admit their wrongs, ask for forgiveness, and allow God to help them become a better woman. They strive and work their fingers to the bone without selfish gain. They have minds of their own choosing to follow and uphold righteousness instead of blindly following a party or popular culture. They have minds and preferences of their own and no one can sway them because they stand firm. Those are the true warriors and women whom we should emulate and respect.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand you are frustrated and devastated. That is how I felt when obama (not a typo) was elected. However, some of you were quick to point out that I needn’t get so upset and to dust myself off and move on. So let’s practice what you preached.

I know this post is coming off a little harsh. I am a passionate person, so I apologize for abrasive nature. I really do want to encourage you. We want equality, freedom, and someone to take on some of our burdens. There is nothing more freeing than turning your life over to Jesus Christ. When He comes into your life, He takes on all of your cares and burdens and brings you peace and comfort. He makes promises and actually keeps them. You can trust Him with your life, health, and family. He isn’t a magical genie who gives you everything you want, but if you trust Him he works everything out for your good and His glory. He fights for you when you are worn down and burned out. He holds you in His arms. He loves you despite all of your flaws and sins. He accepts you for who you are, and adopts you as His daughter.

I know it seems like all is lost, but it isn’t. Life will go on. When things don’t go our way, we can’t spend our days whining and whimpering. If we choose to be a daughter of the King, then we are choosing to be warriors with Him in this life. We can conquer anything within His will. So allow Jesus to open your mind to truth molding you, shaping you, and being your everything. Your life will be forever changed, and more importantly, you will have the hope for which you long. Let’s show the world how strong, resilient, and open-minded we really are. Let’s stop following a movement, a party, or candidate, and let’s follow God. Let’s stop being Women Whiners and let’s be Women Warriors.

***This post was originally posted prior to the Women’s March on Washington, but I stand by my statements as I have seen little to no reports that real women’s rights issues were represented there, only a select group of women and their own selfish agenda while they excluded other women from participating. And don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about because I have researched. I have also encountered many, many women of all ages who believe following God’s Biblical plan for womanhood is demeaning. Many have been brainwashed into believing that the only thing to live for is their own selfish desires and careers. They look down on me and women like me who choose Biblical womanhood. They believe women’s rights are about their rights to do whatever they want to, whenever they want to in reference to their sexuality. This is not a crusade for the rights of women. This is a crusade for vulgarity–plain and simple.

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Will We Answer to God for Our Vote?

cross and flag
Do you think we will have to answer to God for whom we vote in the next election? Do you believe God even cares about the election? These are some questions I’ve been hearing often lately.

It doesn’t take much time or investigation into the God’s Word to find the answers:

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

This one verse sums up so very much. God’s Word commands us to seek FIRST the righteousness of God. Therefore, in choosing for whom to vote, we are commanded to seek a righteous candidate.

What does righteous mean? God’s people are righteous when they are in a right relation with Him, when they enjoy His salvation; when they humbly admit their dependence upon God. They are considered by God as the Judge of the world as righteous when they are being and doing what he requires in His Word.

That is when inspecting fruit comes in–there is a difference between condemning, judging, and inspecting the fruit of ones life. We must research and study the life of a candidate to see what types of fruit they have produced for God’s kingdom.

We should also pray and ask The Lord for help in choosing a candidate. Many will tickle the ears of the people and say whatever they want to get elected.

Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. Matthew 7:15

For these reasons, it is not easy to choose a candidate. We shouldn’t just jump on the popular candidate bandwagon. We must do our homework, pray, and seek God’s direction.

What if there are no worthy candidates? Well, that’s when even more prayer is needed. We must ask God specifically to lead us to the right candidate and to let us know if we should even vote at all.

Please, don’t fuss at me–I’ve been scolded by so many for this attitude, but at the end of the day I will answer to God for my vote. Many people believe if they don’t vote for the “lesser of the evils” then that gives more votes to the “evil” one. Not so. I believe God’s Word. He said if we seek Him first, He’ll take care of the rest. He said it, I believe it, enough said! Now, let us live what we believe!

So as we approach the 2016 election, please think and pray fervently. Don’t settle. Don’t give your vote to an unworthy candidate, especially one who does not bear the fruit of the Spirit.

We want to be able to stand before God and hear Him say he approves of our decision.

Are You Voting with Faith or with Fear?

At some point we Christians have to stop making excuses and justifications why it’s okay to vote for someone less than worthy. Reasons like: all politicians are dishonest so I’ll vote for one whose not quite as bad as the other; I’m fearful someone worse will win so I’ll vote for the lesser of the two evils; he said the things I wanted to hear even though his life has never exhibited what he says now and his behavior continues to be unacceptable.

We don’t know who God has in store to lead our country. Sometimes He needs to rescue us from the mess we made. Sometimes He needs to let us make our bed and lie in it for a while. That’s what happened last time.

Did it ever occur to us that our little vote for the underdog may just be multiplied by our Almighty God?

Did you ever read the story of the loaves and fish, David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lion’s den? God took faith and multiplied it to defeat the impossible.

Conservatives mock liberals for the way they worship, adore, and proclaim a godless president as their savior. Yet they have done the same thing with Trump. I can only imagine how God is shaking His head at our lack of trust and faith in Him. We have to stop taking matters out of God’s hands. We don’t know what is best, but God does. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know Trump is not God’s best.

We want to defeat a liberal agenda that seeks to defy God. We want republicans to stop making promises they don’t keep. Most of all we want a Christian leader. Why are we choosing someone who is not?

To combat the enemy we don’t need to put his henchmen in office. Our strongest weapon is a warrior for God. I think that scares the enemy the most. Do you think the enemy is scared right now?

Instead of being part of the mess, we should be part of the miracle. Join forces with God. Ask yourself for whom would He vote. Vote for the true Christian candidate, the David, the Daniel.

God will have His will whether we are on His side or not. Personally, I want to be on God’s side. We will never defeat the enemy if we are not standing with God’s. Vote your faith not your fear. Do the right thing and leave the rest up to God. He performs miracles!

Are We Common?

light-bulbs-1125016_1280Just watched an episode of Girl Meets World with the kids about communism entitled “commonism”. The kids on the show learn that wrong is wrong no matter the circumstance, and many times when we willingly allow others to do wrong we become accomplices. There is a valuable lesson learned that anything worthwhile is earned through hard work, and the idea that everything is equal doesn’t motivate people to reach their highest potential. They also learn that democracy means individuality.

After thinking about it for a while and then thinking about how socialism has reared it’s ugly, evil head in our country, I just don’t understand how so many people can support it. What really puzzles me is the way those who are all for “individuality” and tolerance for diversity actually support socialism.  It makes absolutely no sense. Well, if you want everybody to think exactly the way you do and you want to remove any trace of God’s unique creation, then it makes perfect sense. satan is the father of confusion and evil…and many people in our country serve him.

The thought that my children will be forced to conform to the world’s way makes me sick to my stomach. Doesn’t anybody care about the future of our children, or do we just want to bank everything on some half-baked campaign promises? Have you informed yourself and studied socialist societies? They are in turmoil. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side without there being a lot of manure.

We all have loved ones who have fought for our freedoms. One of my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. He didn’t risk his life so we could reverse it all. Our country has been blessed by God with the freedoms we have. God doesn’t bless each individual in the same way, though. So who do we think we are to try to manipulate God’s order by trying to manipulate God’s will?

America has been a prosperous and wonderful country until the past 8 years. Slowly but surely we have allowed evil to creep in and we have pushed God out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. We have allowed the wrong politicians to undermine everything our forefathers fought for. We have allowed darkness to sweep over our land.

Until we return to God and His plan for creation, we won’t be successful. I can tell you socialism isn’t going to make us succeed. It will be our downfall. No politician is going to save us.  Our only help is The Lord! Please join me in honoring our forefathers and God by praying for our country and the 2016 election. Stand for what is right–shine The Light!

Don’t Let This Election Be Another Joke…


Don't Let This Year's Election Be Another Joke #election2016 #vote2016 #candidates

The primaries are quickly approaching, and I don’t know about you but I am getting so tired of the debates and political ads. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for them when they are conducted in a positive way. They can be beneficial if they inform you of the stances of the candidates on issues. Revealing the character of the candidate is also an added benefit.

However, most of the debates and ads are negative. They are full of childish behavior by some rather arrogant, unintelligent, and downright ignorant candidates. The candidates on both sides have made a mockery and a joke of our country. It’s embarrassing to think that people all over the world are watching these bozos on our tv, and they are supposed to represent us. When you have candidates that stand there before all of the America and name call or are caught in betrayals and lies, it should open your eyes to the true character of a person. How can you possibly vote for someone like that? Is your head completely buried in the sand? Can you even think for yourself?

Arrogance does not equal strength. It equals SLIME. I saw it in the last two elections, and I’m seeing it now. Some of these candidates are slicker than oil. Oil is messy. How stupid (there is no better adjective to describe it) do I have to be to partner with some slick, slimy scoundrel?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell who is being deceitful. All you have to do is simply look at the body language of the candidates.  If you are close to The Lord, He may very well have given you a spirit of discernment which you can use to choose the best candidate.

I can’t even watch our current administration on television or listen to the radio. I end up reading about current events. Why? It’s because my spirit discerns the evil going on in the White House.  My skin crawls, my stomach knots, my spirit feels like it is being crushed. I’m not exaggerating—I literally get sick. When you can sense the evil, you know to stay away from it.

Have you ever been around someone who makes you feel like this? You can just tell there is evil around them. You can’t be around them because your spirit becomes so extremely unsettled. I had that same feeling around two other women in my life at one time. I ignored it with one of them and my family and I got hurt.

I have sensed this same evil with one of the current democratic candidates, and actually I have always had that sense when being exposed to her (no guessing who it is now). I don’t have that same sense with the other democratic candidates.

Now I haven’t sensed evil like this with any of the current republican candidates, but like I said it doesn’t take much to discern who is telling the truth and who is not, who bears Christian fruit and who does not. Most of the candidates are just so unintelligent and classless; absolutely no integrity. I mean give me a break. All you can think to do to defend your position on an issue is name call? This isn’t kindergarten!

It’s like a school election. Candidates promising they are will give “gifts and benefits” to voters like the kid who promises no homework. One of the promises that irritates me the most is the old “prosperity” routine. I get so tired of the song and dance about how they are going to make America great through money and the economy. With the hole we’ve dug over the past 8 years, no one president would possibly be able to fill it in.

Why on earth would I want to vote for someone who behaves like that? Why would I want to vote for someone who is obviously lying? Why would I give my precious vote to someone whose moral compass points south and you know it by the life they lead and their voting record? Why would I want to vote for someone who does not bear the fruit of a Christian? If he or she clearly has no relationship with The Lord, actually promotes sin and fights against God and His people, I am ABSOLUTELY not voting for them.

I have to answer to God for who I vote for. Think about it… Where does your loyalty lie with a political party, society, money, the American Dream, or God?

Lots of things are broken in our country right now. We do need to repair our economy, but not at the expense of sin. Money is not eternal. No amount of money is going to fix our country. Besides, if we turn back to God He has promised to take care of everything we need.

Souls are eternal—ours and the souls of everyone in our country and our world. We can’t keep sacrificing people’s souls for our politics and our selfishness—The price is too high. We have to be wise and Godly about our government.

Let’s make a sound decision this primary and upcoming election to care about the souls and lives of others. Be selfless in your voting. Let go of your ridiculous agenda.

We don’t need someone who puts everyone down every second they get. Everyone is boasting about the confidence of Trump, but all he does is belittle everyone. That’s not confidence—that’s insecurity. I want a candidate who doesn’t resort to playground antics.

We don’t another candidate that is going to finish the job of the current administration of dragging our country down the immoral, undignified, dark path we are traveling. There are both democratic and republican candidates that would fit that description.

I know who I will vote for in the primaries. I know God hears the cries of His people. I know He will take care of me and my family because we have given our lives to Him. I also know He is a gentleman and has given people free will. There are so very many stories in His Word of people who have turned from Him and caused destruction. He does allow us to make our own mistakes no matter how devastating they are. It breaks my heart to see so many people prefer temporary thrills and destruction to the blessings of God.  We must not be fooled. God does shower blessings on the just and the unjust. So just because we feel blessed doesn’t mean we are walking in God’s will.

I don’t believe it’s wrong to love America. I know many people take every chance they get to criticize people for loving this land and the people in it, for being faithful and loyal to their heritage. His Word is full of scripture about loving your land and guiding your people.  Just because we love our country, doesn’t mean we love it more than we love God.  Many people who defend this great land, would do that and more for The Lord. Our allegiance to God should be top priority, but there is nothing wrong with being proud and grateful to be an American. God brought our nation into being for a reason. We were to remain faithful to Him and His people.

Our precious country needs a candidate who clearly cares about this country and everyone in it, but who unapologetically puts God above all else. We need a candidate who hasn’t flip-flopped from one idea to the other  These candidates are few and far between, but be encouraged—they do exist. Pray and do your research.  It may sound ludicrous, but just ask yourself who Jesus would vote for if He had to choose. Our country needs a consistent, Christian leader to return us back to our first love—The Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ!