Overwhelmed by Homeschooling?

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I wish I could say that after you homeschool for a while, you no longer feel overwhelmed. Many aspects of the journey do get easier, better, less stressful, but there are always going to be aspects of homeschooling that overwhelm us. Whether it is Algebra, the science experiment gone awry, meltdowns over writing assignments, the phone ringing off the hook, […]

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For the Love of the Church

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Recently, a friend of mine commented on the faithfulness of my oldest daughter. She is a full time college student studying youth ministry, works part time, and volunteers in the nursery, choir, children’s church, and youth departments of our church. This sweet friend wanted to encourage my daughter and let her know how much she appreciated the fact that she […]

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Trim Healthy Mama Review

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        I began my Trim Healthy Mama journey in October of 2013.  I purchased this life-changing book at that time not realizing the difference it was going to make in my life: If you are curious and interested in taking a look inside, you can view excerpts by clicking on the picture above or by clicking here: Trim […]

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Encouragement for Your Monday

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Well, folks, it’s a Monday. I don’t know about you, but I usually wake up on Monday morning feeling like I need another weekend. It was a busy one. I had a Saturday full of meetings, chores, and shopping. Yesterday I spent the afternoon helping my oldest daughter move back into her dorm after Christmas break. That time was sandwiched […]

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