Faith in the Darkest Oceans of Trials

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In this season of my life, I seem to be encountering trial after trial. Some go as quickly as they came. Others linger, the enemy’s attempt to strand me in the desert. Thankfully, The Father continues to grasp my heart and soul. Despite my inclinations to give up and succumb, He continues to flood me with His love. I awake […]

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Getting What We Deserve…

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Ever feel like you just don’t get what you deserve? Striving day in and day out, we work extremely hard. We scrimp, save, coupon, lose sleep, work our fingers to the bone. No matter what we do we just can’t seem to get ahead. We want what we think we deserve. Society trains us to believe we are owed something […]

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Names of Jesus Ornaments with Christmas Devotions

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In years past we’ve used a Jesse Tree and devotions during the Christmas season.  A few years ago I was pinning some of my favorite Christmas crafts I came across a picture of some beautifully crafted glass ornaments with the names of Jesus on them.  I repinned the post and read later (like most of us do when we are […]

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The Heart of the Matter – Ready, Set, Go!

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Our country doesn’t need Hillary Clinton. Our country doesn’t need Donald Trump. Our country doesn’t need Barack Obama, or any other candidate. Our country doesn’t need revenge or justice in the world’s eyes. Hope and justice don’t lie with them or any ideology from any political party. It’s just like we studied in church Sunday–we can change circumstances all day […]

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