Investing in Yourself (from a Writer’s Perspective)

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Women are usually the first to sacrifice of themselves and the last to invest in themselves. Today I was reminded of this habit when I read a sweet letter from my oldest daughter. With tears in my eyes and a humble heart, I read her kind and thoughtful words reminding me of the sacrifices I’ve made for our family. It’s […]

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Getting What We Deserve…

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Ever feel like you just don’t get what you deserve? Striving day in and day out, we work extremely hard. We scrimp, save, coupon, lose sleep, work our fingers to the bone. No matter what we do we just can’t seem to get ahead. We want what we think we deserve. Society trains us to believe we are owed something […]

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The Supplier of our Needs

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Good ole Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “need” as “a physiological or psychological requirement for the well-being of an organism”. The KJV Dictionary states the Bible defines “need” as “to compel┬áTo want; to lack; to require, as supply or relief.”┬áThere is such a sense of urgency in the KJV definition, don’t you think? I can totally relate to the Biblical […]

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