SC Flood of Beauty – Motivational Monday

It’s hard to believe just a few weeks ago we were visiting this SC beach–walking along the shore, splashing, laughing, collecting shells, enjoying God’s creation:

South Carolina Edisto #SCFlood #prayforSC


And in the blink of an eye so many beautiful SC destinations have been destroyed by one of the simplest things that make it so beautiful–water.

I have been a South Carolinian all of my life.  I’ve never lived anywhere else, and I couldn’t imagine calling any other place my home.  This has been one of the most devastating times for my home that I have ever witnessed.  I have been in shock at the destruction from the storms and flash flooding washing across my home.  (Before I go any further, my family’s house had absolutely no damage, but my heart grieves for my home South Carolina.)  Even with all my home has been through, I believe it has also been one of the most beautiful weeks my home has ever experienced.

Through the storm, rushing waters, and devastation, there has been a beautiful peace.  We have once again handled adversity by walking hand-in-hand with The Lord.  We have relied on Him.  We have given Him the glory through it all.  He has faithfully blessed.  He has been there to hold our hands, wipe our tears, and dry us off.  He is the reason we have persevered.  He has been our refuge and very present help in trouble.

He has spoken to the hearts of many who have left the safety of their homes to come into this flooded mess.  They have given of their time, talents, gifts, finances, hearts, and prayers to help in any way they can.  I don’t think I know of one person who hasn’t done something to help our beautiful home.  For this, I am extremely grateful because God’s beauty remains.  (If you are feeling led to help, you can find more information at this link:  SC Emergency Management Division.)

Even more than thankful, I am feeling motivated.  God has been so good to us.  His faithfulness motivates me. It drives me to desire to give back to Him.  It makes me want to conform even more to His likeness.  It compels me to  live a life of gratitude for all He has done!  He deserves this and so very much more!