5 Tips for Back to Homeschool Success

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Retail stores are now flooded with back to school supplies and families preparing for the new school year. Things may be a little different for the homeschooling family, but whether you homeschool your children over the summer or not, it is always important to reset your teaching rhythm and prepare for the next step in your child’s education. The transition […]

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A day in the life of a mom–it can be overwhelming… You wake up before the sun rises just to get some extra quiet time with The Lord, and unfortunately your toddler woke up earlier than expected. She woke up her siblings in the process. They are all hungry, tired, and whiny. Your head is beginning to throb because the […]

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I Want to Homeschool…but I Just Can’t!

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I’ve heard it a million times:  “I don’t know how you do it.  I don’t have enough patience.  I could never homeschool my children!”.  This is what I said back in 2002 when God began to whisper this “crazy” idea of homeschooling into my ears.  I had a kindergartner in public school, a 3 year old, and I was pregnant […]

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Applying Sunscreen to Little Faces

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I can’t take credit for this tip. It came from a friend of mine at a pool party we attended years ago. I was applying chemical free sunscreen to my twins’ faces and they were both scrunching up their faces and backing away as I tried to apply sunscreen quickly without getting it in their eyes. My lovely friend passed me […]

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Homeschool Supplies List

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School supply shopping is one of our children’s favorite activities to prepare for the new school year. When they were younger, it was a highlight and helped them build anticipation and excitement about school starting. They couldn’t wait to use their new supplies. Honestly, I love school supply shopping day as well. I get a such a thrill when I […]

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