Are We Really Free?

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Are we really free? This is something I’ve been pondering for quite some time now–probably over the course of the past 9 years. As I watch the people of my homeland in the news, in my own community, and even myself, I’ve wondered if we are all truly free. Listening to our church service this week, The Lord once again […]

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Women’s Day – Just How Far Have We Come?

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As we return home from a trip, I’m deep in thought today reflecting on this International Women’s Day. Just how far we have actually come as women?   As a woman and a mom, I see men who have been turned into couch potatoes and women trying to wear way too many hats trying to do things they were never […]

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Getting What We Deserve…

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Ever feel like you just don’t get what you deserve? Striving day in and day out, we work extremely hard. We scrimp, save, coupon, lose sleep, work our fingers to the bone. No matter what we do we just can’t seem to get ahead. We want what we think we deserve. Society trains us to believe we are owed something […]

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Take a Moment to UNPLUG!

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Unplug.No more excuses. Just do it!Take time during summer vacations to unplug. Go somewhere without wifi or even phone service. We camp frequently and some of my favorite camping spots are those where we can be completely unplugged. Vacations are meant for uninterrupted time with family, for making memories, and opportunities for God to bless you beyond measure. Families need […]

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Encouragement for Warrior Women

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This is a long read, but please hang in there. These are thoughts and encouragement I just had to get out there ASAP: Women everywhere are offended and discouraged by the results of the election. Believe me, I completely understand. I am not a Trump supporter. He can be offensive, not just to women. No one wants filthy language hurled at […]

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