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Hello!  I am a daughter of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I have the honor of being a wife and happy homemaker. I am privileged to be a homeschooling mommy of 4 blessings loaned to me from my Heavenly Father.  I am a Southern Belle from The Palmetto State, Trim Healthy Mama, WAHM, Blogger, BeautiControl-BC Spa Lady, essential oils.  My favorite pastime is spending time with my friends and family.  My hobbies include reading, gardening, cooking, singing at the top of my lungs (while no one is listening), dancing around the house (while no one is watching), playing the piano (which rarely happens), decorating, and crafting.  My heart melts with love over the sight of my sweet husband and 4 blessings, the thoughts of my prayer warriors and sisters in Christ, chocolate, hot coffee, cheese, camping trips, God’s creation, children, and music.

2 thoughts on “About Me & Contact

  1. Hi there. Deanna from over at Luckylovelife.com. Four really seems to be a magic number of blessings. My first two children were planned and then the twins came. My heart just expanded even more than my sleep disappeared haha. So nice to meet and connect with you. I frequent Holley Gerth and Sarah Koontz linkups so I will keep my eyes peeled for your work! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Hi! We have a lot in common! Yes, I know all too well about that magic sleep disappearance act! LOL! I’ll be visiting your blog again as well. So nice to hear from someone who can relate! Have a blessed day!

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