Women are usually the first to sacrifice of themselves and the last to invest in themselves. Today I was reminded of this habit when I read a sweet letter from my oldest daughter. With tears in my eyes and a humble heart, I read her kind and thoughtful words reminding me of the sacrifices I’ve made for our family. It’s humbling because I don’t consider being a wife and mother a sacrifice. However, every once in a while it hits home the lengths that I go to care for them. Even more humbling is the thoughtfulness with which one of my blessings took the time and effort to speak words of love and appreciation to me.

Just look at my office cabinet.

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Well, it’s actually a cabinet in my bedroom–one built from a book shelf and make-shift doors. We made it a few years ago when I needed office storage but couldn’t find a cabinet in our budget. I don’t have a formal office. My “office” is in a small corner of our master bedroom. Words of faith and encouragement are tacked, nailed, and even taped on my cabinet, my walls, and even my mirror. It certainly doesn’t look like a magazine,and to some it probably looks “messy and cluttered”, but to me it displays the life, heart, and faith in my home…and priceless gifts from my precious blessings.

I can’t tell you how much of my life, dreams, and time I have invested in my family: teaching them faith, life lessons, academics, right from wrong, unconditional love, intentionality, and fostering the simple blessings of this life.

My children are almost all grown. In several years, I’ll have an empty nest. You’d think as they get older, children are less expensive to raise. However, it’s been my experience that the expenses only become more in quantity and in price.

Our family has taken some difficult hits in the past few years that have affected our finances so investing in myself just has not been a priority. Investing in our finances has been, but at this point in the life of my family I need to work smarter and not harder.

Through prayer and time with The Lord, He has continued to encourage me to invest in myself. After 23 years of motherhood, it just feels so selfish…

Thrilled, I recently paid off a bill–well The Lord helped me pay it off. It was for the exact amount I needed to invest in a calling He has been pushing me toward. This new calling is not only one for myself, but one that will benefit my family. Glorifying Him and His Kingdom is also on the agenda.

Ways to invest in yourself from a writer's perspective, hopewriters, wahm, work from home, future, family, writing

I’m so humbled and thrilled to announce I took the leap…

Can you believe it?!? I have to admit not only am I grateful for this experience, but I’m also a little star struck. I am able to communicate and take courses from one of my favorite authors, Emily P. Freeman, and her two partners, Brian Dixon and Gary Morland, and a whole community of wonderful writers like Annie F. Downs, Felicity Hayes-McCoy, Jennifer Dukes-Lee, Myquillyn Smith, and more. They support, encourage, and give practical help to all of the hope*WRITERS. They’ve been such a blessing to me along on this new journey.

By joining hope*WRITERS, I have made a small investment in myself in the following ways:

  • My present calling – I’m continuing my work-at-home life so I can still fulfill my first calling as a wife, mother, and homemaker.
  • My health – Writing is therapeutic and life giving to me. It helps me process my feelings, thoughts, and stresses.
  • My ministry – God has called me to serve others with the message He has given me, and I’ll be able to accomplish through hope*WRITERS.
  • My finances – I love the fact that I can earn an income while doing things I love: working while home teaching my children, ministering and serving others, and writing.
  • My future – When my grandchildren come along, I’ll have a flexible schedule that affords me time to spend with them. I’ll have even more time to invest in myself, because I’ll have the flexibility of working from home doing something I adore.

How about you? Are you ready to invest in yourself? In your calling? In your gifts? In your future?

If you are hesitant at all, think and pray about just investing in a few courses from hope*WRITERS. They currently have a hugely discounted Summer Writing Bundle at 80% off. It’s such a small investment with a HUGE impact, and they are only offering the deal for a few days.

Go ahead. Invest in your future, your finances, your message, and yourself!

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