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Creamy Dairy Free Fondue Recipe

16 oz Kite Hill non-GMO almond yogurt

8 oz Kite Hill non-GMO almond cream cheese (Publix)

1/2 cup organic almond milk

Pinch of mineral salt

Put all ingredients in small or medium slow-cooker and whisk. While it’s cooking, prepare and chop any of these foods for dipping:  pasture-raised chicken breasts cubed, grassfed meatballs, Bread in a Mug (THM recipe), organic broccoli, organic zucchini, organic squash, grassfed steak, forest raised bacon, organic mushrooms, (carrots or other starchy vegetables would make a crossover).  Once the cheese is completely melted, warm, and creamy, whisk well one last time well and keep on warm setting.  Dip and enjoy!

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