Hi, friend! It’s my ministry to help others find balance and wellness for the spirit, mind, and body—in that order.

It’s time to take care of yourself and the women in your life. “Self care” sounds a little selfish to some, but it’s really not. When we as women are exhausted, overwhelmed, and spiritually drained, we have a very difficult time taking care of others.

We give, and give, and g-i-v-e until we are completely empty. We have no fuel left to keep us going mentally, physically, or spiritually.

Now is the time to put together a self care & wellness kit for ourselves and other women in our lives. I work really hard all day, EVERY DAY. One of my very best friends pointed out something to me this past weekend. She said, “Boy, you never get a break. Do you?”.

I have to admit that she is right. It’s a foreign concept to me. It’s time for me to get serious about saying “no” to too many commitments and volunteer opportunities.

In my mission to heal my spirit~mind~body, I’ve prayed about it and decided to start penciling some “me” time on my calendar–time to just sit in silence, for a power nap, a haircut, hot detox bath, cup of coffee, time with my sweet friends. It’s the little things…

I’ve also started gifting myself with things I need, and sometimes even small treats I want. It’s not often because I’m on an extremely tight budget with medical bills, one in college, and two homeschoolers. At times I would wear worn out clothes with holes, skip haircuts, scrape every drop of deodorant out of the container and wipe it on, or cut open and scrape the toothpaste tube completely dry before buying more. I even eat plain and rather boring meat and veggie meals so may family can have what they need or enjoy more of a variety of foods. I sacrifice convenience and comfort for my family. It’s just what you do as a mom.

Every once in a while, we women need something for ourselves. I don’t want to say we necessarily deserve it because we are truly all unworthy of blessings God bestows, but He blesses the just and the unjust, right?

You can easily put together a self care and wellness kit for yourself or a loved one. And you can even be frugal by ordering through a discount program like Amazon Prime (which I’ve linked products to) and/or buying multi packets or in bulk for multiple people. Being frugal and shopping online means more “me” time for you and me!

The following is a list of things you might need:





Any combination of these gifts would provide self-care and wellness from the inside out. Just fill one of those baskets with some of these life-giving goodies, watch the stress melt away, and take care of yourself and others.

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