In my study of battling struggles and battling the enemy, The Lord has led me to begin studying the Psalms. I’ve been inspired by the way David relates to the Father, and how David consistently focuses on God instead of His circumstances.

In Psalm 1 and 2, David reminds us that we are blessed when we don’t follow the sinful paths of others. We are to delight in the Lord rather than delighting in the ways of this world.

The world is like the chaff of wheat. It’s an outer husk that has to be removed to get to the grain inside. The chaff is tossed into the wind. While the good grain falls back to the earth, the chaff is extremely light and will easily blow and drift with the directional changes of the wind. It flounders about with no direction, floating and struggling about.

Thankfully, we aren’t grain. We have minds, souls, and a choice as to where we will go. We can choose to flounder with the ways of the world, turning to our worldly gods of entertainment, alcohol, food, relationships, drugs, etc.

OR we can choose to be like the grain, falling onto the foundation of our Lord, holding onto His ways, taking root,  and growing in Him. What path will you choose?

I know I am tired of giving power to my circumstances, my health, my struggles. I have made Jesus the Lord of my life, and therefore am a child of God. This world and my circumstances have no hold on me.

This is my prayer for us today followed by a NEW CHALLENGE TO ALL OF US:

Father and Lord,

Some days we feel as if we are struggling so much…to not be bitter, to be patient, to love, to extend grace, to hold it all together rather than fall apart, to keep from succumbing to our circumstances.

We realize and acknowledge that the root cause is not other people, tragedies, circumstances, or even You—it’s us. It’s us, Lord.

We are looking to other things to rescue and soothe our weary souls. We should be putting you first, but we aren’t.

It’s so difficult to find the time and motivation for time with you when everything in life is swirling above us beyond our grasp, but You are constant, steady, and always within our reach. Why don’t we grab onto You, our Refuge?

Instead we turn to people, food, alcohol, drugs, entertainment, social media, popularly, social status, career, money, and many more things of this world.

These are all decoys and impostors of peace the enemy throws in our path to lure us away from our Rescuer.

Life chaff, we blindly follow where the winds of the world blow.

Lord, help us! Help us to see you as our refuge. May we run to You and the words of your heart. Let us serve You and not the things of this world. 

May we hold onto You and Your unfailing promises. As we stay rooted and plated in You, help us not to blow with the world as we patiently hold onto You and Your promises that will reflect victory in our lives. 

You are with us in this fight and the war is already won. We don’t need to struggle. We just need to hold onto You as You hold us in the palm of Your loving and protective hands.

In Jesus name, Amen

Previously, I issued an informal challenge to us all:

I asked you to begin praying now, asking The Lord how you can serve Him better. Discern whether He is leading you to make changes or to investigate some of these symptoms that have been plaguing you. Determine where these symptoms are affecting your life and the life of our family.


I’d like us to continue the previous challenge with respect to overcoming our struggles.

My challenge for you today is to acknowledge your struggles. Stop allowing them to have a hold on you. Determine to overcome them through the power of Jesus.

Additionally, I’d like to add a challenge for us to take our eyes off of our circumstances and fix them on Jesus and His gracious blessings to us. This is a fitting practice for us given this is Thanksgiving week.

Every time you have a negative thought or a negative reaction to your struggles, take a moment to write down at least 5 things for which you are thankful. 

I’d also challenge you to take a moment to think of someone you know who is struggling. Spend 5 minutes lifting them up in prayer, and ask The Lord what you can do to help them overcome their struggles.

Let us know how you are doing with your challenge. I’ll be sharing on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, as well as in the next post here.

Blessings, my friends!

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