In the past it has been difficult to come up with some new dinners for our family.  As  mom, I want my family to enjoy our meal. However, life is busy and chaotic. There are times I just repeat the same meals just to make life a little easier. In doing so, dinnertime can become monotonous.

I found an old recipe in my box which I had never made before. In keeping with our commitment to eat healthier, I modified it slightly with organic ingredients. I purchased a chicken on sale. In the morning I put it in the slow cooker. It cooked on high for about 6 hours. You could cook it on the stove, but I love my slow cooker. I froze the remainder of the chicken for other meals. The casserole was a hit and some of my children were even asking for seconds. I’m sharing it today on Raising Homemakers, so stop by and grab the recipe here

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