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It’s time for another update on my health battle with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. You may be wondering how I’ve been doing since my first and second posts about fighting my health battle. Let’s start with how I’m doing today:

To be completely transparent and brutally honest with you, I’m just barely hanging on today…

I’m riding in the passenger seat of our truck, stealing a moment to share this update on the way home from a week-long camping trip (for which I am truly grateful). I should feel refreshed and renewed, and I was while I escaped reality. However, it’s back to the real world–yuck! Anxiety is welling up, and I’m holding back the tears.

One of my goals on the trip was to take time to download a free personal assistant app on my phone to help me try to find some time for my calling as a wife and mom, and for more sleep and time for myself. This probably was not the best idea. Every second is accounted for and there is just no room for what my heart and spirit requires. Needless to say, I am not in the best mood—and I’m so sorry my attitude stinks.

I just happen to be writing this post on my way back home, on a day when I’m just plain tired—tired of the yo-yo of this illness, weary of the battle, exhausted by my responsibilities, and overwhelmed by the avalanche of burdens and junk that are waiting for me to deal with when I return home and jump back into the weekly grind. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that I am writing this today while I’m feeling this way. Maybe The Lord will use this part of my journey to speak to you. I hope He can get glory even when my attitude doesn’t exactly glorify Him.

Well, since my last update in May I have feverishly researched adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, the MTHFR gene mutation, and autoimmune disease, specifically Hashimoto’s disease.

Learning that processed foods and pesticides are not the only culprits, I read an abundance about external and environmental factors as well.

Did you know the chemicals in products we use on the outside of our bodies or even in our homes are endocrine disruptors? They disrupt the natural levels of our hormones and other systems.

I was so sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired, so I researched and pinned natural, homemade cleaners. As we have emptied cleaner bottles, I replaced the store bought versions with homemade, natural ones.

Beauty products are an important part of my life. I had already started using less makeup and changed to natural deodorant years ago. However, I wasn’t looking forward to changing my shampoo. Hypothyroidism had already begun to thin out my hair. I had heard many horror stories about detoxing your scalp. Needless to say, detox was brutal. I had a difficult time with natural, homemade methods for cleaning my hair. I held out for months continuing to try to make them work, but recently I finally broke down and purchased an organic shampoo and conditioner.

Plastics are significant endocrine disruptors, so I purchased lead free glass food storage containers. We already had a cast iron pan we used for camping and I had some stainless steel pots as well. I am still trying to transition from toxic cookware. Nontoxic versions are just incredibly expensive. Right now, I am steering clear of the toxic cookware in my home and trying to save to purchase a better alternative.

In July, when I returned to my holistic MD for follow up thyroid testing, she informed me that although my thyroid was moving in the right direction, it still wasn’t improved as much as she would like. She increased the dosage of my natural thyroid supplement and that has seemed to help me feel more like myself. The problem is life is very stressful right now, so it is difficult to know what is affecting my thyroid and whether or not I need to increase dosage.

I tend to allow my circumstances to dictate my schedule. When problems in life arise, I leap into superhero mode, trying to rescue everyone and everything from impending doom. Therefore, I have not been as faithful about de-stressing. I’ve even been cutting my time with The Lord short in some instances, and working late hours. However, I do feel better than I had been and am very grateful for the progress I’ve made so far. I just need to learn to listen to my Creator and this body He gave me instead of letting my circumstances rule my life.

I am on Phase 4 of the autoimmune protocol meal plan. Unfortunately, I have had reactions to chia seeds, tomatoes, rice protein, nonorganic strawberries, and dried chili pepper. I am thankful to be moving through AIP and hope to finish up before Thanksgiving. I really want to be able to enjoy some of my healthy variations of Thanksgiving dishes.

You may be wondering what my next steps are on this journey. I’m frustrated and overwhelmed today just thinking about it. After some deep breaths, gazing up to God’s beautiful blue sky, I am reminded He is with me. No matter what I face, He is going to walk with me through it. My desire is for Him to swoop in like the superhero I try to be, and rescue me from the circumstances, and if I’m patient enough He will in His way and His timing. I’ve just got to keep moving forward for now.

I’ll continue on AIP until I finish determining all of my food intolerances and sensitivities, and I’ll continue avoiding what flares this pesky illness. I’ll breathe in His love, and breathe my love back out to Him. I’ll cry in His arms, and tap into His power and strength to keep going.

I’ll keep researching and learning so I can continue to share with you, because I know His purposes and plans are much greater than mine, and I truly want to be a vessel and an encourager. I’ll keep up the fight for my God, my family, myself, and for you!

Are you fighting a battle of some kind? It has been my observation that battles affect us physically and spiritually. The best way to fight is with the armor of God. It’s my calling to encourage you on your journey. I have created a FREE Finding Balance Prayer Journal just for you. Please feel to instantly download it below.

If you can relate to my battle, whether yours is physical or spiritual, stop back by next week. I’ll have more helpful information and a challenge to help you regain your energy and strength for your battle.

Blessings, sweet friends!

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2 thoughts on “Fighting My Health Battle Update – Part 3

  1. Amanda, I empathize with you. I was exposed to mold a few years ago and have been in my own health battle. I was also diagnosed with toxic levels of four metals. We have everything natural that we can and I still have issues. But God has been teaching me to lean into it instead of resisting. Rest when I need to and let Him supply my lack. Two weeks ago I felt very discouraged. But last week I felt better. Several friends prayed for me and that helped so much. May the Lord bless and lead you in your journey. I know He knew about this before time began and will use it for His glory.

    1. Hi, Debbie! Thank you so very much for your compassionate and encouraging words. It is so wonderful how God uses our trials to benefit us in ways we never dreamed, all while glorifying His name for the benefit of His Kingdom. I will certainly be praying for you on this journey. May He bless you richly. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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