Yesterday was an important day in the life of our family. My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe we have been married 25 years!! It seems like only yesterday we began our friendship, sharing so many important talks and walks together.

We were young and had several odds stacked against us, but we had one very important thing on our side–God’s plan. We did not know the many life changing events that were about to take place in our lives, but He did. Only God could see the difficulties we were about to face. He knew the pain we were about to endure through the loss of parents and grandparents, family conflicts, and tragedies.

God brought us together at that moment in time for so many reasons which are so very evident to us now. Were it not for God’s love and our love and support for each other, I don’t know how we would have made it through.

25 years have passed since that day and it’s evident; just a glance at us reveals wrinkles, gray hairs, extra pounds, a home bursting with a lifetime of stuff collected, and tarnished wedding silver.

Our marriage isn’t perfect, and we’ve made more mistakes than we would care to admit, some minor, others detrimental. We have always known how very much we love and care for each other. That fact has always remained the same.

Oftentimes, couples get so busy raising their children and paying the bills that they forget to work on themselves and each other. It’s tough when you wake up one day with the realization that your life is a celebration, like a fancy dinner party, and your faced with the fact that all of your precious silver is tarnished. You’ve neglected it.

Regret sinks in as you observe all of the work that needs to be done to get it shiny and new again. You wish you had been proactive by keeping it up over time. Now you’re faced with a lot of work to do… and you wonder why you have allowed yourself to become preoccupied, lazy, and defeated.

The enemy sure has not been lazy–he has worked hard to tarnish our marriage and turn us against each other. Over the years he has brought hard times, but as we look back we can see the mighty hand of The Lord in our marriage and family. For 25 years, He has been faithful and has never forsaken us, blessing us beyond more than we could ever imagine or deserve with a beautiful life together and 4 precious blessings.

Our life may look overwhelming at times, but One thing that isn’t cluttered, aged, or tarnished is God’s love for our marriage. He is the polish and the cloth that has been working on our marriage.

Have you ever polished silver? It’s a tedious process. It takes more than the polish and a special cloth; strength and power are needed. After all, the silver cannot polish itself. It takes elbow grease and work ethic to get it accomplished.

My husband and I are tired of tarnished silver. We have made a choice to get up and see Jesus in our marriage. We make the decision every morning to love each other whether we feel like it or not. Lovingly confronting the mistakes, big and small, we hold each other accountable remembering our decisions affect our entire family. We each take responsibility for our part in the state of our silver. We work on pointing each other toward God’s Word instead of pointing fingers at each other. We are committed to doing the work with God and His Word in our hands…and our hearts.

My prayer for you today is that you don’t wait until your silver is tarnished beyond repair, and the guests are on their way. Choose to polish it now. Work now. Gather all of your motivation and elbow grease, pick up the cloth and the polish of God’s Word and prayer, and allow Him to refine and shine your marriage. Nothing is more important–nothing!

Happy 25th Anniversary, Honey! I love you!

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