One of the main reasons people approach me is for weight loss.  Weight loss is important, but I’ve found throughout my life that if I make this my main goal I fail miserably.  Why? Because just like with everything else in my life, I need God’s guidance.  I need His direction, wisdom, and ultimately I need to make everything I say, think, and do bring glory to Him.  Pouring all of my energy into the physical is a temporary solution.  Spiritual things have an eternal value, and this is what is most important, what really matters in life.  It’s the meaning of life.

You may be wondering what on earth this has to do with food.  In Colossians 3:17, God’s Word says:  “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him”.   He said “do it ALL” to His glory and that includes what we eat.

Food is apparently very important to God as His Word is full of references to food.  It stands to reason that if is mentioned so many times, that not only is it essential to our survival, but it is also something we should take seriously.

Unfortunately, our culture has changed food greatly since Bible times.  We now have genetically modified organisms which our government and culture try to pass off as food.  Just look at the ingredients list on boxes of your favorite foods.  I bet you cannot pronounce the names.  If the listed ingredients are not staples you typically find in your kitchen or that our grandparents would have used to make their home cooked meals, then they have more than likely been created in a science lab in a petri dish somewhere.  Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?

What on earth was and is our culture thinking?  What is wrong with the food God created for us?  What made us think we needed to improve upon it, or create our own “Frankenstein” type versions?

God doesn’t make mistakes and there was nothing wrong with the food God created for us to eat.  Our culture just got greedy, decided they wanted to mass produce food to make more money.  They decided to make food more convenient and easier to cook, so we’d have more time in our day.  And, what did we fill that time with?  Our days are crammed full of junk; junk that takes up our time, pollutes our minds, and worshiping the junk food that trashes the bodies we are supposed to be using to serve Him.

Who do we think we are?  How dare we attempt to “improve” upon God’s creation.  He is perfect.  Everything He does is perfect as He doesn’t make mistakes.  Humans do make mistakes, and it was definitely a mistake to create chemicals and pass them off as food for public consumption.  Now we are paying the price as every day I hear of another person diagnosed with cancer, heart attacks, alzheimer’s  and other terminal diseases.

Food allergies are on the rise.  In many cases we are talking about children–innocent, precious lives who are plagued with these devastating diagnoses.

I can’t tell you how many years I wasted in bondage to fake foods and the resulting illnesses that plagued me.  I was not an effective witness and servant of The Lord, because I filled my body with that trash.  I was overcome with exhaustion, aches and pains like arthritis and migraines, and a heart rhythm illness that some days completely debilitated me.  I had no energy to care for my family, to play with my children, to serve my church, to visit my friends, or to serve God. On the days that I felt better, I still have to admit I wasn’t at my best.

Many people say life is too short, they’ll live in the moment and eat whatever they want whenever they want.  Well, to that I say life is too short to spend it exhausted and in pain.  No food is worth it, especially a science experiment passed off as “food”.

When I think about how many “real” moments I missed with my family and friends because of “fake” food, it makes my heart sick and that is much worse than any physical illness I’ve ever had.  My God, my family, my friends–they are worth more than any sugary sweet or bag of chips.  I am worth more!

If your weight loss journey is centered only upon a number on the scale, you will eventually fall to the temptation of the food from which you are depriving yourself, because you haven’t deal with the addiction. You haven’t changed your mindset about that food. You will continue to see it as a deprivation and a treat you are missing. You’ll continue to believe you deserve a treat.

If your weight loss journey is centered around fake food, it won’t be long before you begin to see failure. Fake foods, processed foods, chemicals–your body will lose weight with them in the beginning just from the initial shock of any changes you make, but eventually those chemicals will begin to wreak havoc on your body. Not only will your weight loss slow down or even stall, you will begin to have health problems. What’s the point of having a slimmer figure if you don’t have the energy and health to enjoy it?

God tells us that we are so much better than that. We should “treat” ourselves to His perfect and healthy food. Fake food is not a treat–it’s trash. Until you see your food choices as God sees them, you will probably still struggle because what you see as a treat will still linger in your mind. You have to stop believing that lie and hold on to the truth about food choices.

Our food choices affect us physically and spiritually.  They affect our service to God and our loved ones.  FOOD CHOICES MATTER.  God says I am worth more, and so are you!

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