Looking for all natural, clean eating, extracts and flavorings? Have you checked out the Trim Healthy Mama Naturals, natural bursts? They come in pecan, maple, caramel, coconut, pineapple, and cherry. So thankful to finally have these!
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Healthy, All-Natural Extracts

Extracts are an amazing way to add flavor to desserts, chocolate, beverages, anything. The problem is most of them contain propylene glycol which is an ingredient in antifreeze. It is yet another additive to our foods that is a “food like substance” but not a real ingredient meant to be consumed. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? YUCK!

Today, Trim Healthy Mama is introducing their healthy, all natural extracts. I am thrilled to be able to finally have natural extracts to flavor my favorite Trim Healthy Mama recipes!

There are some amazing flavors here! I can’t decide what to try first. How about you? What will be your first pick?

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