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Are We Really Free?

Are we really free? This is something I’ve been pondering for quite some time now–probably over the course of the past 9 years. As I watch the people of my homeland in the news, in my own community, and even myself, I’ve wondered if we are all truly free. Listening to our church service this week, The Lord once again whispered a related message to my heart that He wanted me to share.

I’m sure I found an intellectual and spiritual answer to this question as soon as I began searching. It’s just been a difficult conclusion to swallow. My fellow Americans, we are not free and we haven’t been for a very long time.

Our country began with people who wanted the freedom to worship in Biblical truth, and not the government’s version of the “truth”. Unfortunately, over the years we’ve walked away from that desire.

Our country is divided more than it ever has been. Our government is in the worst shape ever. We are bombarded with way too many national disasters and tragedies. Our families are falling apart. We are continuing to sacrifice the spiritual, educational, and physical futures of our children for the sake of self. How do you believe this has occurred?

The enemy has come in and lured us away from the Truth that has been in existence since the beginning of time and we have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. We’ve decided that freedom means doing whatever we want to do even if it is not right, even if it hurts someone else, even if it is against our Biblical foundation, as long as we get what we want. We are so very selfish, and how misguided we’ve become.

Because upon ourselves we have strapped on chain after chain of oppression. We are enslaved by the very liberties we selfishly desired. That is not freedom, my friend. That is a trap.

This weekend, our pastor stated an important fact: “God did not come to help good people be better, but to make dead people free”. Unfortunately, we do have the free will to make choices that are wrong and against God’s Word, but when we choose selfishness we are bound by the chains of sin. We are dead people, and we are not free.

Think about it, where has it gotten us? We’ve embraced so many false “freedoms”and the reality is the chains we wear.

  • The freedom to choose to bear arms rather than turning the other cheek, putting our faith in weapons and not in the protection of God has gotten innocent people killed. I know God allowed His people to kill and defend themselves. I know Jesus never killed or defended Himself, but I also know that He came to fulfill the law of the Old Testament, not to do away with it. However, I don’t see the good outweighing the bad except when it comes to guns in the hands of the proper authorities.
  • The freedom choose to do whatever we want with “our bodies” has led to God’s babies being murdered, the health, souls, and hearts of their mothers in physical and spiritual jeopardy. The problem with this theory is our bodies are not their own. They are God’s. Instead of protecting a mother’s eternal soul and an innocent baby’s life, we’ve only protected a mother’s selfishness, and strapped a chain to her and all women. The very ones who want equality and freedom are promoting more oppression. We complain about the curse of Eve, but we are just as guilty of wanting to be the god of our own lives and choosing to listen to the enemy.
  • The freedom to choose to completely and totally ignore the laws of science and the Bible regarding our gender has gotten us completely self-absorbed and consumed by our “feelings” rather than the truth that is staring us right in the mirror every single day. Our children are confused about who and what they are, and then regretful when they get their way to change or are encouraged to change by the very society that should be rescuing them from that burning building. While some parents are rightly fighting for the souls of their confused children, other parents are taking advantage and exploiting the situation instead of taking the time and effort to counsel, pray, and love their child’s soul.
  • Our freedom to choose how our children are taught and raised has led to epic parental failure and the world as we know it today. We only have ourselves to thank. We know when our child’s baseball game or band concert is, but I bet many of us don’t know or even care what, how, or even if they are learning in school. We want high scores, because we’d rather compete with pop culture and the Joneses with parents living vicariously through our children instead of encouraging them to live the life God meant them to lead. One of the most precious rights we have is to be a parent. We strap on the “freedom” of dropping our children off at school every day for the government to raise. We just can’t wait for them to get out of our hair and go to school. The very government we shake our heads about is the same government we are all too happy to turn our children over to each and every day. Our freedom to be lazy parents has led to standards being lowered because our children aren’t being taught how to learn and excel by their parents. We parents aren’t taking the responsibility to teach them Biblical character and absolute truth, so we have enslaved the teacher with being a babysitter instead of academics teacher. Our “right” to be slack has not only bound us to the sin of not caring for the children God has loaned to us, but it has also chained our children to being taught information contrary to the scriptures we want them to live by, all why we sit there and scratch or heads. We can’t figure out why all that comes out of our child’s mouth is toilet humor and curse words and why they’re constantly being violent with their siblings and can’t keep their hands to themselves, or why they are always interrupting while someone else is talking. It’s because we either don’t teach them to the contrary, or because even though we do, we immerse that environment 5 days a week and call it “socialization”. Does that make any sense to you?!?

But, we need our freedoms. Don’t take away our right to vote for candidates that don’t represent the Christian truths we profess because that is our right to compromise our beliefs. It’s our right to vote out of fear, to vote for popularity just to keep the other side from winning. Don’t take away our right to murder, because all that matters is ME, so if we want to selfishly remove someone from the face of the planet should be allowed to. Don’t take away our right to take advantage of others. Whether we are poor or rich, we deserve to have whatever we want even if someone else has to sacrifice to pay for it.

I know it sounds like I’m being a little facetious, and at first thought you may laugh at my words, (and I am definitely being sarcastic in that previous paragraph) but this is not a joke. These are “rights” and “freedoms” we as the people of this nation have bestowed upon or should I say burdened ourselves with. We are enslaved by our false freedoms. We will answer to God for these selfish “rights”. We are not free.

Don’t misunderstand me–I have been guilty of exercising some of the same “freedoms”, which means I have also been enslaved to the same chains. My prayer is that we will find our true freedom not in doing whatever we want to do, but in Jesus who came and died to set us free from these “rights” we have chained to ourselves. True freedom means living a life that is not burdened down with addictions, murder, poverty, greed, compromise, selfishness, and fear. Jesus, help us!


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