The Plea of a Weary Mom - motherhood, stress, peace, strength, encouragement www.ruckusandrubies.comJust a few short weeks ago we celebrated Mother’s Day. I don’t know how you and your family celebrate, but my family typically showers me with lots of notes or love and appreciation, handmade treasures, and gifts. After worshiping at church, my family cooks a delicious lunch and then they wait on me hand and foot. I am very blessed to have been giving that restful day filled with their love and care.

Unfortunately, Mother’s Day is for 24 hours or less–it doesn’t last long. Life returns to normal and reality resumes. No matter what stage of motherhood you are in there is always a physical or emotional need that a mother needs to meet. Running a home and family is a 24/7 job that requires lots of energy, perseverance, and prayer! Unfortunately, the day we use to replenish our energy consists of only a few hours of rest and pampering. It’s just not enough. Here is this weary mom’s plea: Can’t we have Mother’s Day every day?!?

Let’s just lay it out on the line: moms put up with a lot. Granted when we take on the acts and commitments that lead to motherhood, we have to commit to everything that comes with it. Life throws an abundance of chaos at mothers every single day. Each one of us is fighting battles like these large and small:

  • Children who are having a “bad day”
  • Broken washers full of wet laundry
  • Burned dinners
  • Dirty diapers
  • Sleepless nights
  • Rebellious children and teens
  • Driver training
  • Husbands who mean well, but forget to pick up the load
  • Tight budgets
  • Doctor bills
  • Grocery shopping with toddlers in tow
  • Bullying
  • Broken freezers full of those lifesaving make-ahead meals
  • Boo boos that need kisses and bandages
  • Special needs blessings and struggles
  • ER visits for those broken bones
  • Meltdowns and tantrums in public places
  • Flat tires
  • Strong willed children
  • Outsiders who criticize your parenting
  • Food allergies
  • Contagious illnesses that last forever because they hit each family member one by one
  • Homework
  • Bad grades
  • 10 Volunteer tasks you said yes to when you should’ve said no
  • Broken relationships
  • When the enemy attacks our children
  • And the list goes on and on…

Did you know the rest and peace of Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be once a year? Your family may be good at expressing their appreciation and helping with responsibilities all through the year—they may not be, but let’s face it they can’t do everything for us.

We can experience rest and peace. We don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day or for someone to give us that occasional break.

When my children were younger, I was overjoyed when they would sleep late! I could get so much more accomplished before they got up. He often reminded me that He was giving me those extra moments to spend with Him not just to complete my to-do list.

Quietly, I’d tiptoe out to our porch, sink down into my chair, prop up my feet, and just breathe. If I would just let Him, The Lord would open up my heart and mind. In a few minutes, I would be overwhelmred with such peace. Suddenly there would be more blessings than I could count, because He would show me every gift in creation He had made for my enjoyment.

Even today, on our first day of summer break from homeschool, my teenagers slept in. I smiled as I went through each room of the house opening curtains and creating a positive atmosphere for them to wake up to. I wrote them a love note on the chalkboard and made my way out to my favorite room (my porch). I thought about how much my babies have grown and how faithful God has been sit down with His loving arms around me on that quaint little porch.

You may have the false impression that when your children are older they will need you less. That’s not entirely true. They may not need you as much physically, but they need us even more spiritually and emotionally. Instead of buying diapers, you’re buying graduation gowns. Instead of scraping by to save for college, you find yourself thrust into the reality that you didn’t save enough and you have to sign the tuition check. When they are small your babies keep you up at night, but when they are older your fears keep you up at night. Overburdened by the fact that they will soon leave the nest, you begin to second guess your parenting, their choices, and whether you’ve forgotten to teach them something crucial for their adult life in in this cruel world.

I sat down today with my Bible and my chamomile lavender tea, God overflowed my heart and mind, His Word brought me hope, encouragement, and even strength to face all the responsibilities and ruckus I face on the other side of that back door. Graciously, He reminded me that I don’t have to live overwhelmed, worried, and flustered, but I can choose to have a little piece of Mother’s Day every day.

We have a Heavenly Father who celebrates us every single moment! He lavishes His love and blessings on us in so many ways, some are material and some are spiritual. I tend to prefer the spiritual blessings! He helps us view our struggles in His light of day urging us to be thankful for our families and honored to be “warrior moms”.

Mothers need to take care of themselves. The busyness of life and its experiences bring growth, but oftentimes they also bring troubles which can cause our spirits to become battered and weary. Our bodies were never made to be pushed to the limit and our spirits were never made to do life alone. We need God in every aspect of them, and thankfully He is the one part of life from which we never need a break.

I beg you: take care of yourself now! Don’t wait for that one day a year. Don’t wait for someone to offer to watch the kids. Don’t push your bodies to the brink–I know from experience that leads to disaster. I understand it’s difficult to find time. I’ve been there, but just do it.

If you’re having trouble finding the opportunity, ask God to help you. Even if you have to get up a little earlier or stay up a little later, take that time with The Lord for yourself. I know sleep is a precious commodity, but the rest you receive from God can make you feel like you’ve slept for days. He’ll equip you with everything you need to face each day head on. Take time to breathe in His presence on your porch, in a hot bath or shower, your closet, your car, anywhere. God is very proficient and powerful. You’ll be surprised how much He can do for you in such a small moment of the day.

As you consistently make time for God, He will grow you in peace and life in ways you never dreamed. He may guide and grow your prayer life making you a mighty warrior for your home and His kingdom. Take time to listen to His leading and instruction. Seek tools, resources, anything that helps inspire and cultivate His presence and peace.

Find your quiet time and place with God–do it now. Live empowered. Live free. Live loved. EVERY DAY!

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4 thoughts on “The Plea of a Weary Mom

  1. LOVE the idea of having a little piece of Mother’s Day every day of the year! A hot bath, good book, and cup of tea (my favorites!) are things that can be done on a regular basis. Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay! #RechargeWednesday

  2. I had a friend years ago who taught me the importance of “consider the alternative “, and thankfully so. Our first child died as a newborn infant. Nearly 4 decades later, the pain has only dulled. When I’m feeling used or abused by my family, I take out my aching arms and heart to remind myself to consider the alternative. Yes, parenthood is work, and, pain, and frequently without notice or appreciation. But, my kids (and now grandkids) know where they can go for support, encouragement, rejoicing, and reflecting, ….unconditional love. To me, that’s worth far more than a card or cleaning up the kitchen for me.

    1. Yes! I completely agree. We certainly do need to renew our minds and spirits and grasp a new perspective, one of blessing! Thanks for stopping by! God bless you and your sweet family, Alice!

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