Another year has passed–I can’t believe it! We graduated our second daughter, and she is now settled into her college dorm. Our oldest is in her junior year of college.

…and then there were two. Our twins begin 9th grade today. I can’t believe I only have two “babies” to homeschool. It will be a big adjustment not just for me, but also for them.

Homeschooling high school brings some challenges (most people start biting their fingernails at the mention of it), but it is not impossible. We’ve already done it twice, and both of our older daughters were blessed with wonderful grades, high GPAs, and offered scholarships to the colleges at which they applied, and are both attending an amazing Bible college. I feel so deeply blessed by all The Lord has done through our homeschooling journey.

I mentioned some “challenges”, but homeschooling high school really isn’t as daunting as you would think. Here in SC, we are required to join a homeschool accountability association. Knowledge, wisdom, and experience is what they bring to the table during these high school years. They gave us a checklist of courses our students needed to take in order to receive a diploma, and some for preparing for college. They’ve always been there to answer questions and guide us.

Of course some high school courses seemed scary because they were beyond what I learned in public high school, but we enlisted friends, family, and other homeschoolers to help us along the way. There are also local support groups, co-ops, homeschool parent/teachers, and resource centers homeschoolers in our area can attend for additional teaching.

This year, we are really taking advantage of the fact that we only have two. We are hitting the ground running, focusing on a goal to accomplish much this year. I would like them to have a heavier load in their early high school years as opposed to their senior year. We are also incorporating many fun activities so we can look back on these last four years as some of the most enjoyable ever.

It helps that we’ve trained our children to love learning and to be independent learners. Of course not all learning styles adapt well to this approach, but I’ve found that as an adult it has served me well to be an independent learner. If they attend college, they will be required to learn on their own. No one is going to hold their hand through all of the work. I also want them to have that sense of accomplishment and also to see what God can do through them when they give Him their best.

I am a pretty organized and structured person, but my son’s learning style does not always flourish with structure. We have had a slightly relaxed atmosphere for the past 9 years of homeschooling him. I’ve allowed his twin sister to learn at her own pace, and it has been interesting trying to incorporate two different learning styles with my need for structure. Looking back I can see one of the many lessons God has taught me in this homeschooling journey–flexibility and humility. I’ve got my trusty binder ready for planning our family schedule and prioritizing.

This year, we will need to incorporate more of the corporate and structured learning styles so that he can adapt well to classes outside of our home as well as college if he chooses to attend. We are returning with a little more organization, rigor, and systematic structure to help us stay on track.

It may not sound like fun, but I definitely needed this since I’ve been homeschooling while running a business. I don’t want to get so wrapped up in the busyness of my life that allow it to interfere with our homeschool. It is a huge blessing in our life. Homeschooling is our calling and our priority above all else, because it incorporates our spirituality, family life, and academics into our everyday family life. This structure will lead to more moments of flexibility, laughter, and blessing.

Worry is not on my plate this year for these two 9th graders. My plate is already full so I don’t have time for it. By utilizing some organizational tips, schedules, binders, planners, and pockets, we hope to make our homeschool life a little easier. We are determined to march ahead on this journey while holding hands with Our Heavenly Father! I want them to walk in to these high school years with determination and excitement, and I want them to walk out with wisdom, knowledge, life skills, and most importantly an even closer relationship with family and The Lord.

No high school worries! God’s got this!

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