It’s a Farmhouse Christmas

christmas-collage-blog-watermarkedRustic, practical, functional, natural, peaceful, relaxing–a farmhouse is a lovely setting during the Christmas season. No, I haven’t moved, but it is my dream to own a farmhouse one day. I long to live out in the tranquil country surrounded by God’s creation. One day I will, but for now our family resides in a home for which we are very grateful.
This year I decided I didn’t want to wait to enjoy a farmhouse atmosphere, especially during the busy Christmas season. I am determined to slow down this year and enjoy the true meaning of the season. We start the season saying this every year, but we get wrapped up in the decorations, shopping, programs, parties, all of the hustle and bustle. Before we know it, it’s New Year’s Day and our whole season has wrapped up in a whirlwind that leaves our heads spinning.

In keeping with typical farmhouse style, I decided to streamline and simplify our decor this year. This serves a practical purpose as well as a spiritual one. Not only does it mean less decorating, but we don’t have as much to clean around every day. Functional but beautiful, simple but profound–that is farmhouse style. This year for our home and our spirits, it’s a farmhouse Christmas.
christmas-collage-blog-3-watermarkedRead more about our simple farmhouse Christmas in my guest post on Raising Homemakers here.


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