Where has the time gone? I cannot believe that just three short weeks from now it will be Thanksgiving. We start decorating for Christmas on Black Friday. I feel a little overwhelmed, because I just finished decorating for fall. If you are like me, you’ve just been too busy to even think about preparing for the holidays. Then just last week we realized it is our turn to host Thanksgiving with our extended family, and now my head is really spinning.

We have a tight budget and a tight schedule this year. I recently started a new business, and since it is in its new stages it is taking quite a bit of time and it’s not generating quite enough income yet as I am using the business funds to grow the business.treasured-sparrow-designs-pAfter thinking and praying about it, I decided to decorate in simple ways that do not put much pressure on me, my schedule, or my budget.planner

For our porch, I simply pulled out my trusty Hobby Lobby garland from years past to adorn the door. I also used the wreath I made a few years ago–if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I decided not to move the ferns and just slid my outdoor table over near the door for an inexpensive pumpkin. I was creating pumpkin decals for the store, so I made one referencing one of my favorite verses that would fit for the entire fall and Thanksgiving season. You can visit the Treasured Sparrow Designs store here.


God’s creation is beautiful this time of year, and there is no better way to decorate than with His natural treasures. Nature is free for your enjoyment and as well as crafting/decorating. Take a moment to walk around your yard and gather leaves, pinecones, acorns, nuts. Utilize this beauty to fill boxes, jars, and scatter them around your home.

I used dry leaves and dried hydrangea to fill this lantern.


My sweet son gathered some acorns from our backyard for this natural touch to our bar.


I wish I had time to make garland with leaves, but I just didn’t so I used more inexpensive garland from one of the craft stores. You could also use dollar store garland, but I would suggest filling it in with pinecones and leaves from your yard or even just purchasing extra strands of garland and doubling or tripling them to make them fuller.  A few leaves fell off of my trusty old garland, so I scattered the leaves on tables in the entry way and in our china cabinet.


I also had some old dishes I purchased to display in the china cabinet, but you could also just purchase solid white plates from the dollar store and cut your own vinyl decals for wording or order decals from a vinyl designer. Most of them customize and can make whatever you desire.


I purchased a small bag of mini pumpkins from the store and filled my favorite box with them. Burlap, dry leaves, and pinecones add a nice touch as well.


I’ve told you before how words touch my heart, so I created some of these signs that are not specifically Halloween or thanksgiving or even fall, but can be used throughout the year. I used wood, stain, paint, wire, ribbon, and of course I made handmade vinyl lettering and graphics for the signs as well. If you need quick and easy décor, you can purchase door and wall hangings like these here.





These decorations may not feature in Southern Lady magazine, but they add subtle touches of God’s fall creation, and they are simple. They will be easy to pack up in a few weeks when the Christmas season begins.

Now that my home is decorated, I’m hoping to slow down and “sit a spell” (as my sweet grandmama would say) so I can enjoy the sights and smells of the season and all the gratefulness it brings.

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6 thoughts on “Simple, Inexpensive, and Last Minute Decorating Ideas for Fall

  1. I love that you are giving us ideas for fall and not skipping straight to Christmas (which drives me nuts 😉 ) These are some beautiful ideas and I’m always looking for things to do on a limited budget. Thank you!

    1. I agree completely. Fall and Thanksgiving are such beautiful moments in life. I also feel skipping straight to Christmas really makes it less special as well. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. God bless you!

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