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20 Valentine’s Day Dates and Gifts on a Budget

Valentine's Day Dates on a Budget #budget #datenight #valentinesday

Your loved one is so very special to you, and you want to make Valentine’s Day special. Unfortunately, we just had Christmas and your wallet is empty. I know exactly how you feel. My sweet husband and I have had our share broken budgets on Valentine’s Days over the past 23 years that we’ve been together.

Over the years, we’ve come up with some sweet, budget-friendly dates for Valentine’s Day or any date night. Basically, you just need to think of things you enjoy doing together and plan accordingly. Sometimes it’s even better not to plan. Spontaneity is very romantic!

20 Valentine’s Day Dates and Gifts on a Budget

  • Pack your favorite picnic foods. Take your sweetheart to a quiet local park, hillside, mountain, beach, and arrive just before sunset. Enjoy your picnic dinner and watch the sunset together.
  • Plan a romantic dinner for two at home by asking the grandparents or friends to watch the children. Cook dinner together and enjoy your dinner by candlelight.
  • Go back in time and recreate one of your favorite dates or even your first date.
  • Utilize the internet and apps to search for coupons to keep these dating spots budget friendly:
    • Ice skating rink
    • Bowling alley
    • Restaurants
    • Movies
    • Mini golf
    • Concerts
    • Ballets
    • Plays
    • Sporting events
    • Bed and Breakfast
  • Write love letters or poems to each other.
  • Try to remember a time when your sweetheart was complaining about a problem. Surprise them by fixing it if possible. I love it when my sweet husband fixes something my clumsiness has broken. It shows he is paying attention and cares about the little things that bug me.
  • Write or sing a song to your sweetheart.
  • I am a list maker. If your sweetheart is to, try to nab their to-do list and take care of as many things as you can on the list.
  • Treat your sweetheart to breakfast in bed.
  • Make your sweetheart a thoughtful, crafty gift from the heart.
  • Make a coupon book of your sweetheart’s favorite activities.
  • Take a long walk hand-in-hand.
  • Orchestrate a scavenger hunt with clues and little inexpensive gifts like favorite candies, snacks, etc.
  • Hold your own prom in your living room. Get all dressed up and dance the night away.
  • Watch old romantic movies together. Don’t forget the box of tissues!!
  • Talk and listen. I know it means a lot to me when my sweet husband cares enough to let me vent to him about my struggles, and I listen to his, and we pray for each other.
  • Watch your wedding video and reminisce over photo albums.
  • Discuss and set goals and dreams for your future.
  • Simply plan nothing. Set aside time in your calendar for your sweetie and then just enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes the best days are when you have nothing on the agenda at all. Just let the Lord guide your time together.
  • Plan and begin a Bible study or devotional series together. These studies are amazing:

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a little thoughtfulness! Putting God at the center of your relationship will help you celebrate your sweetheart every day of the year!

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