light-bulbs-1125016_1280Just watched an episode of Girl Meets World with the kids about communism entitled “commonism”. The kids on the show learn that wrong is wrong no matter the circumstance, and many times when we willingly allow others to do wrong we become accomplices. There is a valuable lesson learned that anything worthwhile is earned through hard work, and the idea that everything is equal doesn’t motivate people to reach their highest potential. They also learn that democracy means individuality.

After thinking about it for a while and then thinking about how socialism has reared it’s ugly, evil head in our country, I just don’t understand how so many people can support it. What really puzzles me is the way those who are all for “individuality” and tolerance for diversity actually support socialism.  It makes absolutely no sense. Well, if you want everybody to think exactly the way you do and you want to remove any trace of God’s unique creation, then it makes perfect sense. satan is the father of confusion and evil…and many people in our country serve him.

The thought that my children will be forced to conform to the world’s way makes me sick to my stomach. Doesn’t anybody care about the future of our children, or do we just want to bank everything on some half-baked campaign promises? Have you informed yourself and studied socialist societies? They are in turmoil. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side without there being a lot of manure.

We all have loved ones who have fought for our freedoms. One of my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. He didn’t risk his life so we could reverse it all. Our country has been blessed by God with the freedoms we have. God doesn’t bless each individual in the same way, though. So who do we think we are to try to manipulate God’s order by trying to manipulate God’s will?

America has been a prosperous and wonderful country until the past 8 years. Slowly but surely we have allowed evil to creep in and we have pushed God out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. We have allowed the wrong politicians to undermine everything our forefathers fought for. We have allowed darkness to sweep over our land.

Until we return to God and His plan for creation, we won’t be successful. I can tell you socialism isn’t going to make us succeed. It will be our downfall. No politician is going to save us.  Our only help is The Lord! Please join me in honoring our forefathers and God by praying for our country and the 2016 election. Stand for what is right–shine The Light!

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