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The primaries are quickly approaching, and I don’t know about you but I am getting so tired of the debates and political ads. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for them when they are conducted in a positive way. They can be beneficial if they inform you of the stances of the candidates on issues. Revealing the character of the candidate is also an added benefit.

However, most of the debates and ads are negative. They are full of childish behavior by some rather arrogant, unintelligent, and downright ignorant candidates. The candidates on both sides have made a mockery and a joke of our country. It’s embarrassing to think that people all over the world are watching these bozos on our tv, and they are supposed to represent us. When you have candidates that stand there before all of the America and name call or are caught in betrayals and lies, it should open your eyes to the true character of a person. How can you possibly vote for someone like that? Is your head completely buried in the sand? Can you even think for yourself?

Arrogance does not equal strength. It equals SLIME. I saw it in the last two elections, and I’m seeing it now. Some of these candidates are slicker than oil. Oil is messy. How stupid (there is no better adjective to describe it) do I have to be to partner with some slick, slimy scoundrel?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell who is being deceitful. All you have to do is simply look at the body language of the candidates.  If you are close to The Lord, He may very well have given you a spirit of discernment which you can use to choose the best candidate.

I can’t even watch our current administration on television or listen to the radio. I end up reading about current events. Why? It’s because my spirit discerns the evil going on in the White House.  My skin crawls, my stomach knots, my spirit feels like it is being crushed. I’m not exaggerating—I literally get sick. When you can sense the evil, you know to stay away from it.

Have you ever been around someone who makes you feel like this? You can just tell there is evil around them. You can’t be around them because your spirit becomes so extremely unsettled. I had that same feeling around two other women in my life at one time. I ignored it with one of them and my family and I got hurt.

I have sensed this same evil with one of the current democratic candidates, and actually I have always had that sense when being exposed to her (no guessing who it is now). I don’t have that same sense with the other democratic candidates.

Now I haven’t sensed evil like this with any of the current republican candidates, but like I said it doesn’t take much to discern who is telling the truth and who is not, who bears Christian fruit and who does not. Most of the candidates are just so unintelligent and classless; absolutely no integrity. I mean give me a break. All you can think to do to defend your position on an issue is name call? This isn’t kindergarten!

It’s like a school election. Candidates promising they are will give “gifts and benefits” to voters like the kid who promises no homework. One of the promises that irritates me the most is the old “prosperity” routine. I get so tired of the song and dance about how they are going to make America great through money and the economy. With the hole we’ve dug over the past 8 years, no one president would possibly be able to fill it in.

Why on earth would I want to vote for someone who behaves like that? Why would I want to vote for someone who is obviously lying? Why would I give my precious vote to someone whose moral compass points south and you know it by the life they lead and their voting record? Why would I want to vote for someone who does not bear the fruit of a Christian? If he or she clearly has no relationship with The Lord, actually promotes sin and fights against God and His people, I am ABSOLUTELY not voting for them.

I have to answer to God for who I vote for. Think about it… Where does your loyalty lie with a political party, society, money, the American Dream, or God?

Lots of things are broken in our country right now. We do need to repair our economy, but not at the expense of sin. Money is not eternal. No amount of money is going to fix our country. Besides, if we turn back to God He has promised to take care of everything we need.

Souls are eternal—ours and the souls of everyone in our country and our world. We can’t keep sacrificing people’s souls for our politics and our selfishness—The price is too high. We have to be wise and Godly about our government.

Let’s make a sound decision this primary and upcoming election to care about the souls and lives of others. Be selfless in your voting. Let go of your ridiculous agenda.

We don’t need someone who puts everyone down every second they get. Everyone is boasting about the confidence of Trump, but all he does is belittle everyone. That’s not confidence—that’s insecurity. I want a candidate who doesn’t resort to playground antics.

We don’t another candidate that is going to finish the job of the current administration of dragging our country down the immoral, undignified, dark path we are traveling. There are both democratic and republican candidates that would fit that description.

I know who I will vote for in the primaries. I know God hears the cries of His people. I know He will take care of me and my family because we have given our lives to Him. I also know He is a gentleman and has given people free will. There are so very many stories in His Word of people who have turned from Him and caused destruction. He does allow us to make our own mistakes no matter how devastating they are. It breaks my heart to see so many people prefer temporary thrills and destruction to the blessings of God.  We must not be fooled. God does shower blessings on the just and the unjust. So just because we feel blessed doesn’t mean we are walking in God’s will.

I don’t believe it’s wrong to love America. I know many people take every chance they get to criticize people for loving this land and the people in it, for being faithful and loyal to their heritage. His Word is full of scripture about loving your land and guiding your people.  Just because we love our country, doesn’t mean we love it more than we love God.  Many people who defend this great land, would do that and more for The Lord. Our allegiance to God should be top priority, but there is nothing wrong with being proud and grateful to be an American. God brought our nation into being for a reason. We were to remain faithful to Him and His people.

Our precious country needs a candidate who clearly cares about this country and everyone in it, but who unapologetically puts God above all else. We need a candidate who hasn’t flip-flopped from one idea to the other  These candidates are few and far between, but be encouraged—they do exist. Pray and do your research.  It may sound ludicrous, but just ask yourself who Jesus would vote for if He had to choose. Our country needs a consistent, Christian leader to return us back to our first love—The Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ!

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  1. It’ also election season in our country and gosh, I wish the candidates won’t make a fool of themselves this time. May we all be guided during this very important point in our countries.

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