I began my Trim Healthy Mama journey in October of 2013.  I purchased this life-changing book at that time not realizing the difference it was going to make in my life:

If you are curious and interested in taking a look inside, you can view excerpts by clicking on the picture above or by clicking here: Trim Healthy Mama. It includes the faith-based plan, tips, helps, sample menus, and over half of the book consists of delicious recipes.

Here are some of my blog posts and recipes regarding Trim Healthy Mama:  Trim Healthy Mama posts. Check these out when you have a moment. You’ll find my weight loss journey, tips, advice, and recipes.

The authors of Trim Healthy Mama, Pearl and Serene, published a second plan and cookbook which I’ve included below just for your reference. They also have a third cookbook which I’ll talk about below. All three cookbooks have different recipes, a few are repeated favorites just in case others don’t want to purchase all books. You’re fine to just purchase one, but I have all three cookbooks and the second plan book. The plan is also outlined in the first and third cookbooks, but for the second one they actually divided them into two books. If you’d like to view excerpts from these, you can click on the pictures below or click here:Trim Healthy Mama Plan: The Easy-Does-It Approach to Vibrant Health and a Slim Waistline and Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook: Eat Up and Slim Down with More Than 350 Healthy Recipes.


Today I’m going to give you a little review of the books and also of the basic planned outlined in both the old books and the updated cookbook Trim Healthy Table:

I‘ve also published my own cookbook of some of my favorite recipes from my old lifestyle that I tweaked to fit my Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle:

Trim Healthy Mama is NOT a fad diet. It is a plan for changing your life, and since life is a journey, so is the THM plan.  I am a purist and became one long before THM entered my life. In other words, I have been eating whole foods for a long time. Years ago, The Lord showed me what “fake foods” do to your body. Through my health and food allergies of my children, I cut out processed foods, chemicals. I am still on my journey of transitioning into all organic foods and away from GMO’s as well, but like I said it’s a journey.

The THM plan isn’t just for purists. I’ve seen many reviews from purists complaining about the fact that there are suggested foods that aren’t pure, whole foods.  That’s because Pearl and Serene know life is a journey. They know that not everyone is going to be able to make every change necessary to lose weight and eat healthier all at one time. Some people won’t be interested in whole foods at all. Some people may need convenience foods to suit their lifestyle (the authors call them “drive-thru Sue”). So they have written a plan that appeals to many different types of people with different lifestyles and situations.  That being said, there are plenty of recipes using whole foods and many times they offer alternatives for a purist or a drive-thru Sue. That is one of the very reasons I love the book. They have done their very best to show how this plan can work for a multitude of people.

The plan helps you remove sugar and chemicals from your diet. It helps you balance your intake of fuels. What do I mean by fuels? Well, your body only needs two types of fuel: carbs or fat. If you eat them both at the same time, then your body burns one of them, but holds onto the other which prohibits weight loss or even causes weight gain. THM teaches you not to tandem both fuels, but to base your meals on one or the other in a way that doesn’t make you feel deprived.

I cannot begin to count how many THM’ers I know of who have been able to stop their prescription medications because of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, etc. THM is a plan of low carbs, healthy fats, and superfoods that improve your health and well-being.

Trim Healthy Mama also helps you learn to like new foods you never thought you’d eat before, but you must have an OPEN MIND. I’m a Southern Belle, so grits were my hot cereal of choice my entire life. I detested oatmeal. THM taught me why oatmeal is so important, and how to prepare it in such a way that makes it easily digested and more palatable for me. Now I like oatmeal. I also never really liked cauliflower or okra. I still don’t eat okra cooked in it’s regular form, but I’m working on it. THM has enabled me to eat okra as a secret ingredient in several recipes in the new cookbook so that I am able to consume this superfood without having a suffer through it.

Speaking of ingredients, THM has recipes that include special ingredients like stevia (all natural sweetener), almond flour, coconut flour, glucommanan, collagen, and many more. Some of these ingredients are at your regular grocery story, but some are only sold online. You can check these products out by clicking on these links: at my Amazon Store or Trim Healthy Mama store or on the pictures for my stores in my sidebar of this blog on the right side.

You DON’T have to use special ingredients to be successful on the program. There are tons of recipes that do not include special ingredients and many of them have alternative ingredients you can use. The special ingredients last a long time so you do get your money’s worth out of them. They are used to help you make some of your old favorite recipes into THM recipes without the chemicals, high carbs, refined flours, etc.

I have to say that I am very proud of my family. My two oldest girls saw how much better I was feeling, and read about the health benefits of going sugar free. So they began the THM journey as well. They’ve never been overweight so they didn’t do it for weight loss and are more or less on the maintenance plan. They have seen improvement in their health and energy. My oldest is a very picky eater and even she loves almost everything I’ve made from both THM cookbooks. My sweet husband and twins also love the recipes as well.

I cannot say enough about Trim Healthy Mama. It has changed my life. Not only have I lost weight, but I have been able to go off of medication as well. I have more energy than I had as a teenager. That’s probably because I may have been thinner as  a teen, but I wasn’t nourishing my body with healthy foods. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been.

Beware of negative reviews. Some people are not reviewing objectively and are not seeing the big picture: a plan that works for many types of people with different lifestyles and circumstances. They are only reviewing from their own choices and circumstances.

The main thing I like about THM is the prioritization. It prioritizes faith first, then shows you how to bring your eating habits in line with the way God created our bodies. It’s like owning a car. You wouldn’t put diesel or any other substance in a car requiring gasoline. Just as the manufacturer created your car to use gasoline for fuel, God created your body to require certain foods. Why do we fill them with things God did not create for our bodies?

If you have any questions or need advice on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, please feel free to comment below or contact me via the contact tab at the top of my blog.


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