Hello, my blog friends!  I know I’ve been missing in action lately.  Our summer has been filled with activity.  In fact, it was so busy that I didn’t really have time to blog.  There were summer church activities, camping adventures, homeschool meetings and curriculum shopping to prepare for the new school year, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, the works!  In the midst of all of this, I realized that I just couldn’t keep up with this blog and the new one I started back in February, Healthy Choices.  So I’ve combined the two as well as transitioned from Blogger to WordPress and my own domain name!

I’m still revamping the look of the new site and adding new features, tweaking a few bugs, but I wanted to go ahead and make this special announcement:  WELCOME to the new blog!  I just love a new look!  Now if I could only find the time to give myself a makeover!


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