If you know anything about me from this blog, you know I love God, my husband and children aka my blessings, my family and friends, birds, flowers, gardening, music, words, and sentiment.  So, I’m sure you guessed it and it’s no surprise that the top blessing on my thankfulness list this week is my thoughtful family and the privilege of being their wife and mother.

I was so honored on Mother’s Day when I awoke to these precious handmade cards filled with words from the hearts of my blessings.  Words mean so very much to me!

Amidst the tears and hugs, my children blessed me with a silver necklace with a pendant with two birds on it.  My sneaky blessings pooled their money together and bought me one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.  They know how very much I adore birds, but that is not what makes that gift so special.  The fact that their precious piggy banks, minds, and hearts were intertwined in an effort to bless me just brings me to tears.  It was such an honor!
They honored me by treating me like royalty, didn’t let me lift a finger all day long.  They made my favorite lunch and dessert.  They were thoughtful enough to keep our meal on the Trim Healthy Mama plan.   
Gifts are not my love language, but acts of Service and quality time are.  In fact I didn’t think I’d be getting a gift for Mother’s Day.  We are on a tight budget.  A few months ago I realized I really needed a new study Bible and mentioned that was all I wanted or needed for Mother’s Day.  I saw the one I wanted when I was out shopping with my sweet husband one evening, a Life Application Study Bible,  It was on sale, so he went ahead and got it for me early.  I have been enjoying it ever since. It’s already been put to good use with notes and highlighting.  I was perfectly fine with this being my only “gift”. 
My family honored me by going above and beyond.  I’m not surprised, because they always do. However, the honor is all mine, not because of the ways they honored me but because I have been gifted the honor and privilege of being their mommy.  After 18+ years, I am still humbled and amazed at God’s gift of my children to me.  I am truly very blessed!
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