I love French cuisine, and crepes are one of my all time favorites.  Have you ever seen a tv chef make crepes?  It looks like a complicated task.  When I began my Trim Healthy Mama journey, I had only tried making crepes once before and they didn’t turn out.  The thought of trying the THM version was intimidating to me.  However, one morning about a year ago I gathered up the courage to try making them for my family.  I knew my children would love them if I could only get them to turn out, and they did!  They are requested frequently in my home now, and the recipe is so easy that they are one of my favorite things to whip up!  I have since tweaked the THM version and come up with my own recipe.  It’s easier than you think!  My oldest daughter is gluten free, and she makes the savory version for a substitute for tortillas.  

Crepes are also a very versatile dish.  My favorite way to eat them is sweet, but you can also use savory toppings and fillings.  In France, crepes are eaten at any meal or snack time.  So, gather up your ingredients and cook up this easy recipe that your family will love.  Bon appetit!

Easy, Healthy Crepes Recipe 
THM S Gluten Free
(adapted from Trim Healthy Mama which is currently on sale; yield 10-12 crepes depending on pan size and thickness)
6 eggs
1/4 cup egg whites
3 tbsp cream
2 tbsp water
1/16 tsp Glucomannan
1/16 tsp of stevia or a pinch of salt (depending on sweet or savory recipe)
coconut oil or butter for greasing pan
Whisk all eggs and whites in a bowl.  Add glucomannan, water, and cream.  The water will make the batter a little looser so that you can spread it thinly in the pan.  Take a pat of butter or coconut oil and smear a medium sized nonstick skillet.  Heat skillet on medium heat.  I don’t have a small ladle, so I used a 1/4 cup measuring cup to pour the batter into the skillet.  Pick up the skillet by the handle and turn it in a circle until the bottom and about halfway up the sides of the pan are lightly covered with batter.  Watch the batter carefully.  Once the sides look feathery and cooked, you can gently pull the crepe away from the sides of the pain with a small spatula.  Carefully and slowly put the spatula under the crepe towards the center.  If the center lifts easily from the pan, then you know you are ready to flip the crepe.  Carefully flip the crepe over to cook the other side.
Once they are cooked, you can fill them with all sorts of flavors like whipped cream and berries, nuts. My children love it when whip cream, 2 oz of cream cheese, 1 tbsp cocoa and 1/16 tsp of stevia for filling.  For the recipe above, I made the whipped cream and cream cheese mixture above but left out the cocoa.  I added slivered almonds, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and some sliced strawberries.  Then I melted the Trim Healthy Mama Skinny Chocolate over the top and served with some sausage for extra protein.  You could also melt a Lily’s Sweets Stevia-Sweetened Chocolate Bar or Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips over the top.
For a savory meal, you could fill the crepes with spreadable or grated cheeses, meats, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, sour cream, anything depending on your tastes and theme.  This would be a good way to get rid of leftovers.  This recipe does take some practice.  The first time or two that I made crepes, I had many that tore while flipping.  They taste just as good broken as they do whole, so don’t waste them.  Try them out on yourself and your family a few times before entertaining.  You’ll get the hang of it in no time.  It’s a very easy, but impressive and delicious recipe!
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