Life is full of paths that seem to lead us in different directions.  Some paths are clearly obstructed and dangerous, full of  thorns.  However, many times the enemy will disguise a path.  He can make it look so inviting.  It’s wide, open, many people in the world “appear” to be safely traveling down this path with no problem.  However, when we are standing at the beginning of the path we can only see so far down it.  We can’t see the final destination so we really don’t know what the world is facing as they approach the end of the path.

Ultimately the path we need to take to get to God requires a leap of faith.  Many times, we decide to take a detour to avoid that leap.  Unfortunately, the wrong path can lead to sin, hurt, and can ultimately lead us or our loved ones away from God. 

God is always faithful to stand at the beginning of the path, holding our hand, ever so gently tugging us along.  We are fearful or we just don’t want to take that path, so we seek direction from another guide on another path.  Beware, just because other paths look easier or attractive doesn’t mean they will lead us to God.  God doesn’t travel down the other paths, gracing them with His beauty and majesty.  The other paths are pretty, but even the enemy knows how to make paths attractive.

If we seek God and use His Word as our lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths, we will truly know which way to go.  We know from God’s Word that His path is surrounded on all sides by Him and His blessings.  He will be with us to the end of the path.  We’ll know which direction we need to take.  Don’t choose other paths to find your way.  Don’t ignore His call because you are afraid to take the leap.  Why take a path with lots of detours and the potential for danger? Take the path that clearly leads to God.  Take His hand at the beginning of the path and let Him be your travel guide to the end.  Nothing in life is more fulfilling than leaping and walking with Him every step of the way.

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