It’s about that time of year again.  Time for dads and children across the country to begin asking each other what mom wants for Mother’s Day.  Some may start asking now, but others may wait until the day before Mother’s Day.  In an effort to help them, I thought I ‘d compile a list of some of my favorite things as well as some treasures I would like for Mother’s Day (a little hint for my husband if he reads this post). 

  1. An uninterrupted and well-deserved nap.
  2. A day off.  A mom’s job is 24/7.  It would be nice for her to have an entire day off.  One where she didn’t have to give any instructions to her husband or answering calls about the children.  Her husband should care for the children for 24 hours without taking them to his mother’s or sister’s. 
  3. A shopping spree alone where she can actually think about shopping.  Shopping free of tantrums, “Mom, can I have…”, multiple interruptions to visit the bathroom, and no budget.
  4. A maid who comes to deep clean at least once per month for a year.
  5. A portrait of dad and the children.
  6. Handmade gifts like scrapbooks, handprints, cards, etc.
  7. Affordable spa products mom can use whenever she has a moment to herself instead of having to make an appointment (who has time for an appointment?)
  8. A Ninja Kitchen Systemthat makes cooking easier.  I LOVE mine.  I use it to chop, kneed dough, make smoothies, and cook lots of recipes from my favorite cookbook, Trim Healthy Mama
  9. Sentimental jewelry.
  10. Willow Tree Collectibles.
  11. Flowers for her garden.

Most importantly, what mom wants for Mother’s Day is heartfelt thoughtfulness. 

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