Being a parent is an honor and a privilege that just can’t be put into words.  I’m so thankful for my blessings!  I’m so grateful that God has loaned these precious children to me even just for this little while.  Time is passing so quickly.  One day soon they will spread their wings and fly. 

Father, always be in their hearts and lives.  Please forgive me for the times I’ve made poor parenting decisions.  I’m sorry for all of the times I’ve been lazy or selfish, all of the times I have leaned on my own understanding.  Help me live by faith and obedience when it comes to raising these children for You.  Thank You for opening our eyes 11 years ago and revealing to our hearts Your desire for us to homeschool.  These have been the most incredible years of our lives! 
These words seem so inadequate to express my thankfulness.  What an indescribable gift!

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1 thought on “Thankfulness Thursday – An Indescribable Gift

  1. I agree that my kids are a wonderful gift even for a short time. I know that I one day have to let them go on their own but I am not quite ready to let go just yet. I have a few more years left thankfully.

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