What is a prayer warrior?  A prayer warrior is a precious, priceless gift from God.  I am so very extremely humbled and blessed by the gift God has given me in prayer warriors.  satan (No, it’s not a typo-I know it’s lower case but I refuse to capitalize the enemy’s name) has been peaking his ugly head into a few areas of my life lately.  satan sees me striving for God’s will and he is trying to discourage me.  Recently I vented that there were just some things I felt with which I could not compete any longer.  Immediately some friends and family ran to my rescue with prayers and encouraging thoughts.  I was so encouraged and blessed and I could just feel the Lord working through these precious ladies to encourage me.  I had been burdened for some loved ones dear to my heart.  My prayer warriors ran to the rescue to pray for these individuals.  They love me unconditionally and are always faithful to pray for things dear to my heart. 

I have a few dear friends, whom I know will drop everything at that very moment to pray for and encourage me.  When I’m facing a trial, they are the first ones I run to after I have run to the arms of my Father.  I am so thankful to the Lord for these precious prayer warriors.  They are strong and mighty in their faith and walk with the Lord.  They are brave and courageous against the enemy.  They are as beautiful as a rose, but as strong as steel.  Some have weathered many storms with me.  Some have just recently blossomed into my life.  They are cherished treasures to me, and just thinking of them makes my eyes fill with tears and my heart overflow with love and gratitude. 

Thank you to my dear prayer warriors–you know who you are.  Thank you for your love, faithfulness, and for allowing God to use you to bless my life and the lives of others!

Thank you, Father, for the precious gift of my prayer warriors.  I pray you will help me to be a prayer warrior for others, and that you will help me teach my children to be prayer warriors, too!

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