In preparation for Valentine’s Day, I spent hours thinking of the perfect decorations without breaking the budget.  Valentine’s Day is a time for love.  True love, God’s love, is the most important love we’ll every experience.  I wanted my decor to reflect a more serious love.  I didn’t want my decor to look cheesy.  I thought I was going to have to make several purchases to achieve an elegant and vintage look, but I was able to find some items around the house to do the trick. 

I chose to leave our burlap runner I made at Christmastime on the table.  I finally decided against hanging those faded, old heart ornaments on the tree in the front yard again this year.  Instead, I filled my vintage Gifts & Decor Large Contemporary Hanging Metal Candle Holder Lantern""“>lantern with them and an old heart shaped candle I used to use in the kitchen.  I love using this lantern on the table because I can fill it with items for any season or holiday.  It’s another one of those versatile items in my decor. 

A few years ago dear friend of mine gave me a trio set of Valentine votive candles, so I utilized one that says “love” in our guest bath and paired the other two with the lantern.  I decided to use my red tapers on either side of the lantern to carry some decor down either side of the runner. 

I felt the table was still missing something but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  I decided it needed something low, so I sprinkled some silk rose petals.

I usually tie wired ribbon around the backs of our chairs and store the ribbon from year to year, but the ribbon has gotten a bit worn over the years.  I did salvage a few strips of the old ribbon to make a vintage valentine garland.  I found some pictures of vintage valentines online, printed, cut, and glued them to the ribbon.

Throughout the rest of the house I have some red candles and vintage valentines here and there, some Valentine poems and Bible verses that express God’s love, and some sweet sayings to my hubby and blessings. Closer to the special day, I will put out my glass jars and vases and fill them with Valentine candy.  If I put the candy out this early, it will be gone long before Valentine’s Day!

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