The busyness of life rarely leaves time to enjoy God’s blessings.  We hit the ground running in the morning and we don’t stop until our heads hit the pillow at night.  Life whirls past us and we don’t have much to show for it.  I really do not want to pass this habit on to my children.  One thing I am trying to put into practice is “stopping to smell the roses”.  I really want them to utilize all of their senses to see and experience God and His blessings throughout their days.  He is EVERYWHERE, but many times we don’t take the time to stop and experience Him.

For multiple reasons that I won’t go into at this moment, I recently closed my transcription/virtual assistance business of 14 years.  It took a HUGE leap of faith!  I started the business when my oldest daughter was only 18 months old, and it was such a blessing to me as it allowed me the opportunity to work from home.  Working from home is not a simple task and in some ways is more difficult than working outside the home, but it was good to me as it allowed me to be home with my babies.  It served its purpose when I needed it, but now it is time to move on to another chapter in my life.

I am looking forward to pursuing other more flexible career options.  We think as our children get older they will need us less and that is true for physical needs, but I’ve found it’s not necessarily true for spiritual, emotional, and educational needs.  Enjoying God and His blessings, more time to teach my children, serving my husband, family, friends, community are just a few of the benefits I will be reaping.  Teaching my children how to put this into practice is at the top of the list.  It will help me to take better care of myself and nurture some minor medical issues I have been having as well.

Of course, it means a pay cut for me which means a decrease in our budget.  However, when I think back on all of the leaps I’ve made with God holding my hand, I’ve never regretted them.  They’ve all lead to bigger and better things and benefited everyone in my family.  I’m sure this leap will be added to that list as well.  I’m so excited because God is going to use this decision to teach us all invaluable faith lessons, and I’m so thankful my children will learn these lessons at an early age so they’ll be wiser and have stronger faith than I did as a young adult.

Life isn’t always easy, and there are plenty of other facets of our life that will make it busy, but I just know that God is going to be with us and bless this decision.  I’m looking forward seeing what God has planned for us.

We recently did some gardening in our yard, and I am really enjoying the beautiful flowers.  As I was watering them yesterday, I was thinking about closing the business and that chapter in our lives.  I was admiring all of the intricate details of the gorgeous flowers the Father has created.  God takes our obedience and blooms flowers of blessings in our lives.  I just know He is going to continue to plant, grow and bloom more beautiful flowers in my life while I’m on this new journey.  I am definitely going to stop and take time to experience the fragrance, color, and detail of each one!  God is so very faithful and so very GOOD!


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