For quite some time I’ve been trying to get my family to limit their tv viewing.  I monitor it during the day pretty well.  We stay so busy with school that there isn’t much time to turn on the old tube.  I only allow the children to watch 30 min to one hour each day.  However, my hubby was raised with the television on 24/7 so when he comes home the t.v. goes on whether anyone is watching or not.  The temptation is always there to watch it.

We’ve all noticed a lack of focus in our home lately, lots of chaos in our schedule.  We’ve been so tired from our hectic schedule that all we want to do in our limited “free time” is watch television or sit at the computer.  We’ve discussed it as a family and have decided we really need to limit our time with television.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts, God has really been compelling me to get my family back to the basics.  Any time is a good time to work on improving ourselves, but I find it quite fitting this time of year.  We’ll be taking a break from television viewing for 40 days. We’re actually on day 3 of our break and we’re doing quite well.  I don’t think the younger children realized exactly what they were signing up for as they have asked a few times to watch their favorite show, but after explaining what we were doing and why they agreed it was a good idea.  I was so proud of my son when he mentioned he thought it would be a good idea to sacrifice something that he enjoys in light of how very much Jesus sacrificed for him, although he understands it can’t possibly compare to all that Jesus went through for us.

Instead of staring at the tube, we’ll be spending time with God and each other, reflecting on our purposes in this  life, our hopes, dreams, sharpening our gifts and talents, and most importantly our faith and love in the Lord.  I can’t wait to see how God works through this little journey!


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