I was raised to be a hard worker, always on the go. It was not in my upbringing to take time to rest, but I’ve learned that rest is an essential part of life. Just because it is not in my personality to stop and rest, does not mean it is not how God created my body and spirit. It just means I am ignoring those signs God put in place and His provision of rest for my body and soul. He created us in His image, and yes even He took moments of reflection and rest. If I don’t take some moments for rest, my physical body and my spirit suffer. My family suffers as well, because I can tell I can become quite short with my family. My witness suffers as well as I am not showing God’s loving nature when I work myself to the point of impatience and frustration with others. I am not exhibiting my trust in God by resting and trusting in His timing and provision when I am showing others my tendency to run around trying to accomplish everything in my time. Life will always be full of responsibilities of some kind, but we must take time to replenish our strength and spirit if we are to continue on in the way God has planned for us. How can we serve our families and the Lord if we are physically and emotionally drained?

My husband recently started a new job just as my client increased my work load. I have had to take on few extra responsibilities in the home that my husband usually takes care of since he has been training. I know it is only temporary, but just the thought of more hats to wear really exhausts me. My body and my spirit have been telling me for the past couple of weeks that I need to rest. Rather than repeating past mistakes and working until I am physically sick, I have decided to listen and put a few responsibilities on hold. My body told me last night that I wasn’t resting enough, and I listened immediately. Within a few minutes, I was feeling much better, but I think I am going to try to listen to my spirit and my body sooner and more frequently. God gives wives and mothers the drive and ability to serve others, but He also expects us to be responsible in caring for ourselves. We can’t possibly do His will, serving others to the best of our ability, if we are exhausted.

Take some time to yourself to sit down with your Bible, have a cup of tea, close your eyes for five minutes, do some relaxation breathing exercises, sit on the porch and listen to the birds sing, do something in an effort to relax and replenish your body and spirit. You’ll be a better wife, mother, servant, and daughter of the King. You’ll have the ability to see many more rubies amongst all of the ruckus!

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