Ever find yourself wondering where you were when the tornado plowed through your home? I don’t know what happened–one minute the house was neat and organized, and the next minute it was turned completely upside down. Actually, I think the moment it was neat was before I had children. Then my precious ones were born, and the tornado arrived, and returns periodically to see how much damage it can do.

Raising children leaves very little time for cleaning our home, and that is fine. Our days shouldn’t be spent scurrying around our homes picking up, cleaning, and organizing. Homes are temporary dwellings. The development of children’s souls and lives has an eternal consequence. If you find yourself stressing over when the laundry will be folded or the closet will be tidy, DON’T! Time flies by so fast! Spend time loving, teaching, and making memories with your children.

Of course, part of caring for our children is providing them with a clean home in which to grow. So, there are times when we have to deal with whatever is growing in our refrigerator and we’re running out of clean dishes. Instead of tackling cleaning projects on your own, make it a team effort. Let the children help. It doesn’t matter if they fold the clothes perfectly or all of the storage dishes are neatly lined and stacked. What matters is they are learning to manage a home and spending time with you in the process. While you are working, talk to them about their day. Turn the work into a lesson. You can even think of Bible lessons or life lessons that can be connected to the task. For example, while you are cleaning talk about how Jesus cleanses our sinful hearts and makes them white as snow. If you have small children who can’t help, prioritize the tasks that need to be done during their sleep schedules, and leave the less important tasks for another day.

Organize your tasks by picking a day of the week/month to do them. For example, go grocery shopping every Thursday and clean the refrigerator the night before. Change your sheets every Monday. Wash laundry every Tuesday and/or Friday. Planning your tasks will help you keep your schedule organized and your home managed.

More importantly, don’t pencil in time with your children around your home management schedule, but fit your home management schedule around your time with your children. When you see the smiles on their faces and the fruits of your parenting, you will forget all about the tornado!

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