Grocery shopping with children can be such a challenge, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Do your best to prepare and organize your trip ahead of time. This will help you use your time wisely and decrease the opportunity for meltdowns in the store.

  • Organize your grocery list by the order of the store to save walking back and forth between aisles.
  • Coordinate your coupons with your list before you go.
  • Plan shopping trips when your child is rested, i.e. after naps.
  • Pack snacks, coloring items, stickers, or toys to keep your children busy.
  • If your children are old enough to walk with you instead of ride in the cart, allow them to help you get items off of the shelf and put them in the cart.
  • Turn grocery shopping into a lesson by naming the shapes and/or colors of items, count items, spell items.
  • Give your children a list of letters A-Z, and while they are walking with you have them search for items on the same aisle that begin with a particular letter and write them down.
  • Don’t allow your children to wander the store. It is extremely dangerous and can lead to lots of stress when you can’t find each other.
  • Avoid making purchases that are not on your list, especially when the children are begging for toys or candy. Don’t give in when they beg. This will start a habit that will haunt you on each shopping trip.
  • If your children are in the habit of getting something when you shop, you need to reverse the habit. Talk with your children before you leave for the store. Let them know you will only be buying what is on the list.
  • Make a list of shopping rules and consequences for breaking them and remind your children before each shopping trip.

Happy shopping!

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