Superheroes can accomplish amazing feats with their extraordinary powers in the blink of an eye. As parents, business owners, & professionals, we have superhero sized tasks. However, we forget that we do not have superhero powers. If you are a Type A personality like myself, you know exactly what I am talking about. Delegating tasks used to make me cringe. I would get a stomachache as soon as I heard the suggestion of relinquishing control of a situation concerning my family or my work. It would literally make me ill to give control to someone else.

Parenthhood brings a whole new perspective on life including removing predictability and control. Just when I thought I had it all figured out while mothering my then 6 and 3 year olds, my nicely planned home and work life was thrown a curve ball. Through the birth of my precious twins, God began teaching me a valuable lesson. I will never have control over every aspect of my life, and striving for this controlled and predictable life is not a happy journey. I knew it was going to be tiring mothering twins and caring for my 2 older children, but I had know idea how much control I really and truly did not possess.

It started the very first time I tried to nurse them. Naively, I had already planned and determined in my mind that this was going to be a successful venture wherein I would be able to nurse them both at the same time saving valuable time and money on formula. I do not know what I was thinking. I knew how difficult it was to nurse my first two children and they were single pregnancies. Why on earth did I think it was going to be easy with multiples? It was a nightmare! They had trouble learning to feed, so I had to feed them individually, which totally tossed my efficient feeding time management schedule out the window. My twin daughter also required being fed on a one and a half hour schedule. It took me approximately 45 minutes to coach, feed, and diaper her. Then it was time to feed my son, and it took me about 45 minutes to go through the same routine with him. Once that was completed from start to finish, an hour and a half had flown by and it was time to do it all over again. It got worse before it got better, but I will spare you the exhausting details. Eventually, I did get them on the same feeding schedule, but not without relinquishing control of my breastfeeding plan and allowing them to bottle feed.

Each moment of their precious little lives, all four of my children have brought me so much joy and laughter that I would not have experienced had I continued to battle for control. I am still a list maker, schedule planner, multitasker, but I now know that there are just some instances that cannot be added to my to-do list to be completed and scratched off in a timely fashion, or neatly penciled in on my daily planner, or even managed while completing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Let’s face it–we cannot do everything we expect of ourselves. Many tasks will be poorly done or left undone altogether. We have to realize and understand that superheroes are fictional characters and we are not living in a comic book. We need to humble ourselves and rely on God and others for help. Only then we will have the victorious and successful life we desire at home and in the workplace.

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