MISSION & MINISTRY ~ To glorify God and demonstrate the spirit~mind~body connection of wellness

while serving, encouraging, and helping women find joy and wellness in all aspects of life

because our lives are individually and collectively knit together by God through the

“victorious trinity” of the spirit~mind~body connection-success depends on

wellness and balance with all three.


Browse our spiritual and physical wellness tabs above to find the wellness tips for all of the crowns

you wear with each responsibility God has entrusted to you.


download our free Finding Balance Devotional and Finding Balance Prayer Journal and

begin your journey to finding balance now~

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How do I find peace amidst the ruckus and busyness of life? Grab our free Finding Balance Prayer Journal printable download! It will help us prioritize all of the responsibilities of life like weight loss, parenting, faith, homeschooling, womanhood, clean living!


We can’t make more hours in the day, but we can streamline our tasks.

Our 10 Steps to Eliminating Time Wasters resource can help you do just that~



Choosing wellness is empowering, but it can also be overwhelming. We’ve compiled some of

our favorite recipes that can help you transition from “mainstream” foods and recipes to

healthier, and cleaner options~


Chronic illness plagues many of us, and it may very well be your motivation for seeking a life of

wellness and balance. Coming soon to our ministry is an online group for extending grace,

sharing a pillar of support, a heart of encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to

hold on the journey.

When you grab your free Finding Balance devotional above,  you will be added

to a list for an update to you when our online

community launches. Please join us on the journey.

God bless you today with His grace and favor!